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Manage the event speakers in a simple and efficient way. All inserts and changes made to the platform are automatically updated in the event App and/or website.

When adding a speaker we can input the speakers name, email, links to social networks, a description and their company role.

How to add a new Speaker

To add a new speaker, click on EVENT > SPEAKERS

Then click the + ADD SPEAKER button. In the new window type in the speakers name. Then below , type in a category for the speaker.

Once the information has been entered, click on the blue CREATE button.

How do I add multiple speakers at one time?

To do so you will need to import an Excel spreadsheet with all the information filled out. 

To download the excel spreadsheet press  EDIT > IMPORT > DOWNLOAD DEMO FILE

Enter the speakers information on to the excel sheet. Remember, only the 'Name' field (Column A) is  required, the other columns might be left blank.

After saving the changes to the file you must upload the excel sheet back to the platform. To do this click EDIT > IMPORT. Then, press the green button, select the file and press IMPORT.

How do I edit the information?

To add or edit information, click on EDIT and then click on the speaker's name. The Speaker information will appear on the right side. Click END after finishing the  modifications. 

You can change or add new information related to:


The desired image size is 750 x 750 (px by px). To insert photos from an external folder (computer, cloud) click the red button. To insert images from our internal folder (InEvent platform), click the blue button. Detailed explanations for creating internal folders are on the next topic.

- Linked attendee

To ensure that your speakers will enter the activity with microphone and camera enabled, click on Linked Attendee. Link the attendee profile to the matching speaker, and press on end when you're done. By linking the attendee profile to its corresponding speaker, you ensure that their attendee profile is recognized as a speaker, and they will be able to join the activities they'll be presenting at prior to the event starting, as well as having presenter capabilities (control over camera and microphone).

- Credential

Change speaker's name after its creation and add his role and company.

- Email, Website & Social media

Make your speaker's social networks available by adding their professional email, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and website. This information will be available to attendees in both the app and the website.

- Mini-Biography

Write a text telling his/her history and achievements.

- Tags

If a speaker gets related to any event tag, we can associate their profile by choosing the specific tag and clicking the "+ Tag" button.

- Activities

We can link speakers to an activity by clicking 'AGENDA' > 'ACTIVITIES' Click on 'EDIT' then choose an Activity.

In the window that appears on the right press 'SPEAKERS'Select the speaker you would like to link to the activity using the drop down bar and then press 'ADD SPEAKER'

When you have finished, the speaker will be linked to the activity. Press 'END' to complete editing.

Internal folder with pictures of my speakers

It is possible to create an internal folder with several images. First, you must add a speaker. Then click EDIT and select the speaker. After that, click the blue button named LIBRARY on profile picture.

In the new window, click on UPLOAD and select all the images you would like for the speaker.It is also possible to insert images through ZIP archives. 

After uploading, click outside the window to exit and press END.

Can I change the order of the speakers?

To change the order layout of the speakers, click on EDIT and then drag the speaker to the correct position using the dotted Icon, outlined in the image below.

Use speakers from your previous events

Once you create a speaker in an event they will save on your company level so you can use them again for new events, saving time.

Click on + ADD SPEAKER and once you begin to type the speakers name, a drop down box will appear with previously saved speakers

All the content from that speaker will be pulled to your new event.

To learn how to create tags, click here: TAGS

To learn how to create activities, click here: Agenda Management