EventMarket: hiring certified partners

InEvent whitelabel platform provides you with a vast array of tools to create your own personalized events. To add additional services to your InEvent platform, we also have a list of certified partners, experienced in InEvent technologies, to help with hardware, production studios, virtual reality, and much more.

If you're looking for a trusted partner to help you with your event, we suggest you check out our exclusive EventMarket to find and make contact with a partner to help you excel in your event!

When to hire a certified partner?

Here are some tips on when to contact each InEvent Certified Partner:

  • Freelancer: When you need the support of someone who fully understands all InEvent software and everything it is capable of offering or when you need face-to-face support on the day of the event.
  • Developers: when you need support to perform integrations between APIs, creation of customized reports, integrations, and configuration of DNS, as an example.
  • Agencies: When you need an agency that knows how to manage the event with the support of technology and how to operate InEvent software and everything it is capable of offering.
  • Hardware: When you need a physical structure primarily for credentials and access controls in events, for example with printers and tablets.

How do I contact a certified partner?

Through the website

All of our certified partners are available on our website. To find them, visit the InEvent website and at the bottom of the page, look for the More section and click EventMarket.

Eventmarket on the website

You will then be taken to the EventMarket so you can browse through our partners' catalog.

Filtering the options

If you wish to filter the partners' options based on region or services, you should press Show Filters.

How to filter partners options

  • Under Region, you can choose from North America, Europe, Australia, Pacific, South America and Caribbean. To select a region simply tick the checkbox.
  • Under Services, you should select the services you need. All options - including 3D Layouts, API, CSS, Integrations, On-Site Support, Hardware Rental, Interpretation service, among others that are listed in the image below.
Filter options for partners

Once you have selected the region and/or services, press Search. Then, you will see a list of partners that combine your service and region needs.

Contacting partners

Next, you can click on one partner to check their mini-bio and contact information. Press Contact now to reach out to them.

Gif on how to access the eventmarket on the website

Through the platform

If you are logged in to the InEvent platform, you can access the EventMarket by going to Event > EventMarket.

How to access the eventmarket

Searching through the catalog

On this page, you can browse through our partners' catalog. If you wish to filter the partners' options based on region or services, you can type keywords to find the ideal partner.

On your keyword research, we recommend using the filter options listed in this section.

Once you have typed in the keywords, press Search.

Searching partners in the platform

Then, you will see a list of partners that offer the services you are looking for.

Contacting a partner

To contact a partner, click on one and a window will pop up with their information.

Adding a partner

Next, you will need to explain your needs to the potential partner. Describe your event details such as dates, speakers, sponsors, attendees, and press Add partner.

Explain needs

Then, you will see a confirmation message that the partner has been added successfully.

Confirmation message
Status of the request

Under My Partners, you will see all your requests, including the partner names, the services they provide, and the status of the request.

There are 3 status variations:

  • Pending: you have contacted the partner and is still waiting for their response
  • Intro: the partner is introducing themselves to you
  • Approved: you have approved the partner

Right after contacting the partner, they will receive an email and you will see a Pending Status.

Request status

Now it's time for the partner to analyze your request. If they accept it, you will receive an introduction email and the Status will change to Intro.

Intro Status

Once you are ready, you can approve the partner by clicking Intro and pressing Approve partner.

Approving the partner

Then, you will receive a confirmation that says Partner approved successfully and the Status will be Approved.

Status accepted

Now, we recommend you add the partner to your event so you can start working together.

Reviewing partners

You can write a review about the partner you have worked with to help our users make the right choice for their business.

To write a review, click the blue button Review.

Reviewing partners

You can review the partners on a rating scale based on star classification, then write your comments and press Send review.

Submit a review

The review will be visible in the partner profile for all other InEvent customers to see.

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