Giving InEvent access to your camera and microphone

If you are:

  • A speaker, room host, or administrator joining a session you'll be taking part in
  • An attendee being invited to speak by a room host
  • A speaker, room host, administrator, or attendee networking with other people

You will be prompted to configure your devices such as camera, speaker, and microphone so that people can hear and see you.

If you are unable to configure your AV options, you should double-check if you have given InEvent access to your camera and microphone.

If you are invited to use your camera in the Virtual Lobby, make sure you close any software in your computer that might use the camera too, such as Zoom, Skype, Firefox. Otherwise, your camera might not work.

How do I give InEvent access to my camera and microphone?

First, make sure that you are using a compatible browser. We ask you to give preference to Google Chrome. Click here to download

If you try joining a room with presenter permissions to share your camera and audio but you haven't yet given InEvent access to your camera and microphone, you should see a pop-up notifying you about that and showing you how to do so.

Giving inevent access to camera and mic
Companies may block websites which they have not reviewed and allowed. So if you are using a work computer and you notice that the camera and microphone are blocked or the sections are greyed out and you cannot set to allow, your company is probably blocking permissions for the site. You should check your browser settings and if that doesn't solve the issue, report to your IT team.


I'm logged in to the Virtual Lobby

If you are logged in to the Virtual Lobby, you can configure your devices by clicking on the padlock icon in the top left of your URL and making sure Camera, Microphone and Sound are set as Allow.

I'm not yet logged in to the Virtual Lobby

If you are not logged in to the Lobby, you can navigate to the Chrome Settings page by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the browser. This will display a drop-down.

Next, press Privacy and Security then Site Settings

Under Permissions find the camera and microphone settings. It is here where you can adjust, add external cameras and the necessary access rights to your devices.

Ensure that the site is visible in Allowed Devices for both camera and microphone.

In case the site is in the Blocked Devices list, click on the InEvent icon and you will be taken to a page where you will be able to give us permission to access your camera and microphone.

You can also check to see if InEvent has access to your devices by entering the following link to your Chrome browser URL field:


Under Permissions, locate Camera and Microphone. InEvent should be one of the approved sites.


Privacy settings on the latest versions of macOS require the following permissions to be enabled as security may block the use of the devices.

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Screen recording

Go to System Preferences > Select Security and Privacy and select the Privacy Tab on the options above to allow access to devices from the list.

Mac security settings

Select Camera > Check Google Chrome by ticking the box

Follow the same procedure to give us access to your camera and microphone.

Select Microphone > Check Google Chrome by ticking the box

Select Screen Recording > Check Google Chrome by ticking the box

When you enable these permissions on macOS, you also enable screen sharing when using Chrome. To learn more about this, see this article.

Device configuration

Now that you have given InEvent access to your camera and microphone, you should see a pop-up to configure your devices. You can also join the call without camera by clicking on the camera drop down menu and selecting the Without Camera option.

Screenshot of device configuration

Click here for further information on that.

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