Screen sharing in the Virtual Lobby

You can use our native file-sharing capabilities to share documents, images, audios and videos on your screen without having to open another window or tab.

How do I screen share in the Virtual Lobby?

In order to see the Start sharing button and screen share, you will need to have presenter permissions.

Either as a speaker linked to a specific activity or as a presenter in a Sponsor booth, you will be able to answers the participant's questions, create polls, upload files, network with other presenters and attendees, and of course: screen share. 

Click here to check who will have presenter permissions on activities.

Click here to check who will have presenter permissions on sponsor booths.

If you are a speaker of the event and do not see the Start sharing button, please contact the event organizer.
Start sharing button

If you are a presenter using a macOS and cannot screen share, click here to check our troubleshooting tips.

Once you press the Start sharing button, you will see three options:

  1. Screen
  2. PDF File
  3. Video
Sharing options
The event organizer can define if presenters will see all three options or if they should only see the Screen option by enabling or disabling Block content share. Click here for further information.
  1. Screen

If you select the Screen option, you will have the option to select one of these three tabs:

  • Your entire screen: When screen sharing using this option, the users will see your entire screen including your taskbar.
  • Application window: You can select one of the applications that are open on your desktop.
  • Chrome tab: Here you can choose one of the open tabs while using Chrome (our recommended browser).

3 Screen share options
  1. PDF file

As a presenter sharing the screen you will have the option to choose directly from the pop-up PDF file manager of your computer. Once the PDF is selected, a preview of the file can be seen before you hit the Share button. You will be able to move back and forward the pages, and also to select a specific page by typing the page number and pressing Enter.

Sharing a PDF file
The users will only see the PDF file and not the presentation's control.
  1. Video

If you select the Video option, you will be able to select a video from your computer and see a preview of the video before you start sharing your screen. As soon as the video is shared, you can pause the video, move back and forward and control its volume.

The users will not see the video's control and its sound will be as high quality as the original, differently from the audio share option from the Chrome tab.

The screen share will be interrupted immediately after the video is over, and a message will pop up on the top right side as displayed below:

Sharing a video
Among the accepted video formats are .mp4, .webm, .movwere and .mkv. If you are unable to upload a video, we recommend converting the file to one of the video formats listed previously.

How do I share slides presentations in the Virtual Lobby?

In order to share a PowerPoint presentation without sharing your whole screen, you should follow the steps listed in this article.

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