Virtual Lobby: How do I invite a viewer to speak on camera?

If you are a room host or an administrator, you will have permission to control presenters' and viewers' permissions.

How can the room host and admins invite a viewer to speak?

To invite a viewer to speak, you must find the speaker's name in the viewers' list and select them, as below:

Screenshot of the "Add user to video conference" button under the people tab.

A pop-up window will appear so the host can confirm the request:

Accepting the invitation

A message with an invitation will appear on the viewer's screen:

Screenshot of the attendee's page to accept request to talk.

After accepting it, they can set up the microphone and camera to start the presentation. When invited to speak, the user will also have screen sharing capabilities.

Sccreenshot of device configuration to join as a speaker.

Speakers will already have mic and camera privileges once their speaker profile is created on Event > Speakers, and linked to their attendee profile on People > Attendees. They are also able to enter any activity to which they have been assigned before its scheduled start time. For detailed information on how to do it, click here to check our article on Speakers.

How can the room host and admins control the presenters' permissions?

If you are a room host or an administrator, you will also have the permission to control the presenters' permissions. You will be able to mute/unmute and enable/disable their camera as well as turn them into a viewer.

To do so, just click on the People tab, on the right-hand side of the room, and on the right close to the presenter's name you should see three buttons:

  • The first button with a microphone icon will allow you to mute and unmute them
  • The second button with a camera icon will allow you to enable or disable their camera
  • The third button with an arrow icon will allow you to turn this speaker into a viewer.
How to control speaker permission

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