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Surveys can be created within each activity in the agenda.  The main purpose is to create polls, to increase interaction of users in the event . 

This feature allows you to:

  • Create personalized polls for each activity.
  • Enable or unable the poll whenever you would like
  • Visualize and control your attendees answers

How to enable the Polling functionality

Whenever you want to post a poll to your event, the FEATURE option   on the  InEvent App management   must be selected. To do this click on  SETTINGS > TOOLS > EDIT  go to the  InEvent APP category ,  accept the option 'POLL - Allow to answer polling in activities' and then  press END.

How do I create a poll?

To add a poll/ survey, click on: AGENDA > POLLING > then select an Activity and +ADD POLL on the left corner

The, fill in the poll question and click CREATE.

After the poll is created, you can create your answer choices so that users can choose. To do this, click on the created poll, click on +ADD ANSWER, type your answer and click CREATE. You can also include an image in the reply by clicking the red folder on the right side. 

How to create a real time poll in a virtual room?

To create a real time poll in the virtual room click on POLLS in the top right corner of the room

Then click the green button at the footer, named "CREATE POLL"

NOTE: you must be an admin of the event to create a poll

You will then be greeted with a popup where you can ask the question, fill in the options and create

The poll will now be posted live in the poll tab for your audience to answer.

How do I remove an answer?

Click on EDIT > Select the poll > Select the answer you wish to remove.

Make the poll visible for public and active for answers

You also have the option to keep the poll private or public. When the poll is set to VISIBLE FOR PUBLIC, it  means that everyone can view the poll at the time it is activated. When this box is unchecked, it means that the poll will not be visible to App users. To make the app visible for public, select the poll > press SETTINGS > press EDIT > check the box VISIBLE FOR PUBLIC.

At the same page, you'll be able to also activate your poll. When you create a poll, by default it will need to be activated. To activate a poll, you will check the ACTIVE FOR ANSWERS box. When you enable a poll, it will be available in the app for all App users who are enrolled in that activity to respond. The poll will be available in the app under Menu> Alerts

If you'd like to send a push notification to attendees about the poll, click the Send Notification button .

Replies to my poll

All the responses of your poll will be received by our platform and can be viewed at any time. To do this, click on the poll that you want to check the answers. You can view and control how many attendees responded and which attendees answered each question.

How can I delete a poll?

Click on EDIT > Check the square  beside the poll title > REMOVE. 

How do I generate a report?

Besides viewing the attendee responses by clicking on the submissions tab, you can also generate an excel sheet report by pressing EDIT > REPORT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one poll per activity?

Yes, you can create as many polls as you like within each activity in your calendar.

How to ask the questions of my poll in order of priority?

In order for the poll questions to be in order of priority, you must enter a numerical indication, such as 1, 2, 3 in front of each of the questions. By default, the polls are sorted alphabetically.

How can I enable to show the results to the attendees?

To  learn more about content projection click here : Content Projection

How do I respond to a poll through the app?

A: To respond to a poll through the app, you will click on MY SCHEDULE in the bottom menu, select the activity you want to respond to the poll, and click on DETAILS and then on POLLS (you must be pinned/enrolled to the activity to view the poll)

After this step you will be on the poll list of that activity. Click on the poll in question, then choose and click the desired response and submit your answer.