Polls can be created within each activity on the agenda. The main purpose is to increase the interaction of users in the event. 

This feature allows you to:

  • Create personalized polls for each activity.
  • Enable or disable the poll whenever you would like
  • Visualize and control your attendees' answers

How do I enable the Polling function?

Whenever you want to post a poll to your event, the Polling tool must be activated. 

To do this click on  Settings > Tools > Edit > scroll down until you see the Live category and enable the Polling option.

screenshot showing how to enable Polling at the event level

If instead of seeing a checkbox, you see Click, you will need to enable this feature at the company tools. To do so, simply press Click and a new tab will be opened automatically on the company tools page.

Then, scroll down until you see the Live section, press Edit, and make sure the Polling checkbox is checked. Press End to save the changes.

shows how to enable the Polling feature at the company level

In the platform

How do I create polls?

To add a poll follow these steps:

  1. Click on Agenda > Polling > select an Activity > +Add poll on the left corner.
  2. Then, create the poll title and click Create.
Creating polls

Now that the poll has been created, you should add possible answers that users can choose from. 

To do this:

  1. Click on the created poll and click on +Add answer on the left corner.
  2. Type your answer(s), to create multiple options, separate each option by a line.
  3. Once you are done click on Create.
Add poll answer

You can also include an image in the reply by selecting the checkbox Add Image (optional).

You can create as many polls as you like within each activity.

How do I edit polls?

To edit polls, press Edit on the upper right.

You will then be able to change the polls' answers, options, and settings, as shown on the gif below. Press End to save the changes.

Gif on how to edit polls
How do I make the poll visible to the public and active for answers within the platform?

When you create a poll in the platform, by default it will need to be activated.

To make the poll visible to the public, select the poll, select the Settings tab > press Edit > check the Active / Visible checkbox.

If the poll is set to Active / Visible, everyone can view and answer the poll.

If this box is unchecked, the poll will not be visible to users.

set your poll to be active/visible to attendees

If you'd like to send a push notification to all attendees to remind them of the poll, click the Send Notification button.
How do I activate multiple polls at once within the platform?

When you create multiple polls for an activity and you would like to activate them at once, simply select the activity > press Edit > check the polls you wish to activate > Activate > click on End to save the changes.

GIF showing how to activate multiple polls at once
By following this step-by-step and activating one or more polls, they will automatically be active and visible. This means that you will not have to access each poll as mentioned here in order to make them available to your attendees.

In the Virtual Lobby

In the Virtual Lobby, some of the permissions (host, room host, presenter, staff and linked speaker) can create, make (in)visible, and delete polls. To learn more about the permissions click here.

Creating polls

To create a poll inside your activity, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Create Poll button inside the Polls tab.
Creating a poll in your activity
  1. You will then see a popup, where you can write the name of your poll, add different answer options, and select whether or not you want this poll to be visible to your attendees.
  2. When you are happy with your poll, click on Create.
creating a poll in the virtual lobby

The poll will now be posted in the poll tab for your audience to answer.

Besides being available in the Polls tab in the room, the polls will also be displayed in the attendees' agenda. Click here for further information.

You can see the number of votes under the poll itself, and review how many votes each option received by hovering over that option.

polls virtual lobby > votes

Making polls in/visible

The small eye symbol depicts if this poll is visible to your attendees. If you wish to hide this poll from view, simply click the eye, and you will be presented with a confirmation pop-up to make this poll invisible.

Click Yes to make this poll invisible, and you will now see your poll depicting an eye with a strike through it. If you then wish to make it visible, simply click on this symbol to reverse the process

How to hide a poll in the Virtual Lobby
To know more about deleting polls, polls orders, and polls reports, click here.

Polls inside My Agenda

The polls created for the activities can also be displayed under the Details of the activities available on My Agenda. However, the admin can choose its visibility by clicking on the 3 dots as shown at the image below:

poll inside My agenda

How do I edit polls?

To edit polls in the Virtual Lobby, press the icon highlighted in green in the image below.

A window will pop up for you to edit the polls' answers and their settings. Press Done to save the changes.

How to edit a poll in the Virtual Lobby

Order of the polls questions in the Virtual Lobby

Polls will be displayed in chronological order of their creation. For example, if you create 3 polls: Poll 1, Poll 2, and Poll 3, they will be displayed in the Lobby as shown below:

Order of the polls

By default, the polls' answers are sorted alphabetically. To change the order, click Edit and drag the options to their desired order. Click here for further information on how to edit polls.

How do I remove the polling tab from one room in the Virtual Lobby?

To remove the polling tab completely from your activity, go to the InEvent platform and navigate to Agenda > Activities > select your activity > click Edit.

Then, scroll down to the bottom to see the hide options > Tick Hide poll and press End.

The poll tab will now be removed from your activity.

How to hide the polls tab

How do I remove an answer option from the poll?

To delete a response, go to Agenda > Polling > Select a poll > Edit > and then delete the response by clicking on the orange trash can.

Deleting a poll answer

Can I hide the poll's answers?

To define if the poll's answers should be displayed to your attendees or not, you should either check or uncheck the Answers display checkbox.

If the option Answers display is checked, the poll's answers will be displayed to all attendees. If you uncheck this box, the answers will be hidden.

define if the polling's answer are displayed tool

Received and Missing answers

All the responses to your poll will be received by our platform and can be viewed at any time.

To view all poll's answers, click on the poll that you want to check the answers, and press Answers. You can view how many attendees responded and how attendees answered each question.

answers received

Similarly, to view whoever didn't answer the questions, click on Missing and check how many attendees haven't answered and their names.

missing answers for the polling

How can I show the poll results to the attendees?

In the Virtual Lobby, results are shown in real time with bars indicating the most popular answers.

If you would like to project results on a screen, you can use the TV Mode or Big Screen.

How to show poll results.

To learn more about content projection, access the Content Projection article.

How do I delete a poll?

At the platform

Click on Edit > check the square beside the poll title > press Remove. 

deleting a poll in the platform

At the Virtual Lobby

It is also possible to delete a poll directly from inside the activity at the Virtual Lobby. At the poll's tab, click on the Edit icon, and a pop-up will be displayed as the image below with options to remove the answers, add options, make it (in)visible or Remove them.

If you click on the Remove button a new pop-up message will appear, press Remove again to confirm the action.

deleting polls at the Virtual Lobby directly
This action can be performed by the admin, staff, presenter, linked Speaker, and the room Host. To learn more about different permissions click here.

How do I respond to a poll through the app?

To respond to a poll through the app, you will click on My Schedule in the bottom menu, select the activity you want to respond to the poll, and click on Details and then on Quiz (you must be pinned/enrolled to the activity to view the poll)

How to answer poll in the app

After this step, you will be on the poll list of that activity. Click on the poll in question, then choose and click the desired response and submit your answer.

Second step of how to answer polls in the app

How do I generate a report?

Besides viewing the attendee responses by clicking on the Answers tab, you can also generate an excel sheet report, that can be:

  • Individually by activity by pressing Agenda > Activity, select the activity and go to the Details tab > scroll down until you find See polling. A new tab will open and you can press Edit > Report;
  • Or a single report containing all attendees' poll answers across all activities; To do so click on Agenda > Polling > select the activity >Edit > Report.

The difference on the spreadsheet will be the last column for this second option showing the Activity name.

generating poll report

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