Quizzes help you to engage better with your audience and increase the interactivity among users in an activity.

Quizzes are similar to Polls as they help boost the engagement of users in an activity, but while Quizzes are designed to test the knowledge of users in a fun way, where they get to select an answer and can see their immediate results, Polls are used to record the opinions and votes of users, there is no wrong or right answer with polls. To learn how to create a poll click here.

In this article, you will learn how to create Quizzes for activities, and how to edit and remove them.

How do I enable the Quiz feature?

To activate the Quiz in your event, go to Settings > Tools. Click on Live section, then press Edit and toggle the button on for Quiz feature. Press End to save changes. The setting should show Yes in the end.

Gif showing quiz feature being enabled

If you are unable to enable the toggle button, and you see a message informing you the tool is locked globally, you will need to first enable this feature at the company tools. 

Polling feature being enabled at the company level

In the platform

How do I create Quiz?

To add a quiz, follow the steps:

  1. Click on Agenda > Quiz > select an Activity > +Add quiz on the left corner
  2. Create the quiz title and click Create
  3. Click on +Add question and enter the possible Answers, select the one considered the correct one, and press Create
  4. Go to the Settings tab to set a timer countdown and make the quiz visible/active, and choose to Show as a pop-up so that quiz appears as a pop-up for attendees in the Virtual Lobby.
You can create as many quizzes as you like within each activity.
How to Create Quiz
The timer countdown for quizzes is 60 seconds by default. It can however be changed to your preference.

How do I edit quizzes?

When editing quizzes, you can make the following changes:

  • Questions: Navigate to the Questions tab and click on the blue button next to the question you want to edit. This allows you to modify the question and answers in the quiz. You can delete answers, change existing ones, adjust the correct answer, reorder them, and include additional information.
  • Quiz Title: To modify or delete the title of the quiz, click on the Edit button and make the desired changes.
  • Settings: In the Settings tab, you can reset the timer, set the quiz as visible/active, and enable the quiz to show as a pop-up. Click on Edit to implement the necessary changes.
When you create a quiz on the platform, the Active/visible and Show as pop-up checkboxes are initially disabled by default. You'll need to activate them if necessary.
How to edit quizzes
How do I activate multiple quizzes at once within the platform?

When you create multiple quizzes for an activity and you would like to activate them at once, simply select the activity > press Edit > check the quizzes you wish to activate > Activate > click on End to save the changes.

If you wish to disable all the quizzes at once, follow the same steps and press Deactivate instead.

activate multiple quizzes at once
By following this step-by-step and activating one or more quizzes, they will automatically be active and visible. This means that you will not have to access each quiz as mentioned in the previous section.

How do I remove the quiz?

To remove the quiz, click on Edit > tick the checkbox of the quiz you wish to remove > press Remove. 

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the action, press Remove.

remove quiz

In the Virtual Lobby

To perform the following actions in the Virtual Lobby, the attendee must have one of the permissions: admin, staff, presenter, linked speaker or being the host of the activity.

How do I create a quiz?

If attendees have user, collector, or interpreter permission, they will only be able to answer the quizzes. To check which type of permission can create Quiz inside the activities, click here.

Once you are inside the activity, go to the Quiz tab and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the + button at the top right corner of the tab and enter the title of your Quiz in the corresponding field, then click Next.
  2. Enter your question in the appropriate field and add answer options. If you need more than two answer options, click Add option.
    To delete an option, click on the trash icon next to it.
  3. Select the correct answer and, if desired, click +Add info to provide additional information about the correct answer (optional).
  4. To add another question, click +Add question, or click Next to proceed to the next page.
  5. Set the timer for your quiz.
  6. Choose the visibility of your quiz by toggling the Visible? button on or off.
  7. Decide whether to display the quiz as a pop-up notification to your attendees by toggling the Show as pop-up button on or off.
The Visible? and Show as pop-up buttons are disabled by default and will need to be enabled if necessary.
  1. Once you've reviewed your quiz, click Create.
create a quiz In the Virtual Lobby

The timer countdown for quizzes when created in the Virtual Lobby is zero by default. Make sure you set the timer for the quiz, if left equal to zero attendees will not be able to answer the quiz.
A default timer is also set to move to the next question 5 seconds after the prior question has been answered. You can still click on the blue Next button to move to the next question manually before 5 seconds have passed.

How do I edit quizzes?

To edit quizzes in the Virtual Lobby, click the ellipsis icon beside the quiz you wish to edit, and select Edit from the options. You will be able to do the following:

  • Modify the quiz title and add a new question.
  • Click on a quiz's question to edit the question and answer options.
  • Delete answer options and additional information
  • Change the correct answer, remove additional information
  • Add more answer options.

Click on Next to review your changes and press Done once you have finished your review.

edit quizzes In the Virtual Lobby

You can also regulate the visibility and pop-up notification display of your quiz using the Turn visible and Show as pop-up buttons located at the bottom of each quiz.

Turn visible and Show as pop-up butoons

How do I send a quiz pop-up notification to attendees?

To send a pop-up notification to your attendees so they can answer the quiz, simply toggle the Show as a pop-up button on. A confirmation box will appear, press Yes to confirm your action.

Images showing the steps to enabling quiz to show as pop up

Attendees will see the quiz pop-up notification displayed on their screen. You can press Skip to view other quizzes that have the show as pop-up feature enabled or you can go back to a previous quiz by pressing Previous. You can start the quiz by clicking on the blue play button. To close the notification, simply click the cancel (x) button in the top right corner and click Yes to confirm the action.

Image showing quiz shown as pop-up

To disable the quiz notification for your attendees, simply toggle the Show as pop-up button off. A confirmation box will appear, press Yes' to confirm the action.

Image showing how to disable the quiz pop up for attendees

How do I remove the quiz?

To remove a quiz from an activity, click on the ellipsis icon beside the quiz and selecting Remove from the options. A confirmation box will appear, click Yes to confirm the action.

removing the quiz from inside the activity

Why is the Quiz tab not showing in my activity?

If the Quiz tool is enabled and you can not see the Quiz tab displayed inside the activity, you might want to check the activity's settings.

Go to Agenda > Activities > select the activity > click on Settings and scroll down until you see the Hide quiz checkbox. Press Edit and uncheck the box, and click End to save the changes.

hide quiz tab inside the activity

How do I see the answers?

To check the attendees' names and respective answers go to the Submissions tab of the quiz

submissions tab

How can I view and show the Leaderboard?

In the Virtual Lobby, results are shown in real-time by clicking on the Leaderboard tab. It will display the top 10 attendees based on the number of right answers and their speed time.

If you would like to project results on a screen, you can use the TV Mode or Big Screen.

content projection

To learn more about content projection, access the Content Projection article.

Can I change the name of the Quiz tab?

If you wish to rename the Quiz tab, go to Settings > Tabs > Virtual rooms.

Click on Quiz and press Edit, a new window will appear on the right. You can change its label and icon:

rename the quiz tab

How do I generate a report?

To generate a report follow these steps:

  1. Select the quiz you wish to extract a report from.
  2. Click on Edit.
  3. Press Report on the top left corner of the page.

An excel sheet containing the quiz information will be sent to your email.

You can click on the Download button on the blue notification banner and you will be directed to the All reports > Quiz page where you can preview or download your report.
Generating a report

The following columns represent the quiz information that is collated.

collated quiz information

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