Company Tools

The "Company Tools" are the tools that your company has purchased according to your package.

There are 11 sections of tools :

  1. Start
  2. Registration
  3. Live
  4. Compliance
  5. Hospitality
  6. Pass
  7. Support
  8. Login
  9. Control
  10. Block
  11. Extra

How can I view my company tools?

Click on your Company icon on the top left side of the platform, then on the same side a list will appear.

screenshot event

Then, go to Account > Tools.

screenshot account > tools

How do I edit my Company Tools?

If you disable any tools in the Company Tool section, they will become unavailable in the Event Tools setting.

Click the Edit button in the top right corner of the platform.

screenshot tools > edit

  • To Disable a feature for the Company and therefore disable a feature for All Events, you must "untick" the check box next to each tool and press End to save the changes. You will see the word No once a feature is disabled.
  • To Enable a feature for the Company (if you have purchased the tool) and therefore enable the feature to be chosen for any events, you must "tick" the check box next to each tool and press End to save changes. You will see the word Yes once a feature is enabled.
Screenshot Tools > Edit > End

Searching for tools

You can search for specific tools by clicking on the Search button on the upper right, typing in the tool you are looking for in the Search terms fields, and pressing the blue button Search.

Screenshot of the Search button and Search field box

Activating all tools

You will also have the option to activate all main features by clicking Edit and then pressing the Activate all tools button on the left-hand side.

To learn how to set up the tools for your individual Events, click here: Set Event Tools

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