Guest form

Updated 1 week ago ​by Marcela Pfister

Maintain all names of your attendees' guests registered on the platform and count the total number of participants in your event.

Enable functionality

Go to MARKETING > REGISTRATION > REGISTRATION FORM. In the form SETTINGS, press EDIT button and check the GUEST FORM option.

This feature does not allow you to extract the guest information from the platform.

Limit guests per participant

To limit how many guests your invitee can invite, go to MARKETING > REGISTRATION > REGISTRATION FORM, click the GUESTS +1 button. Then select the form SETTINGS and press EDIT.

Enter the maximum number that your attendee can invite, and then click END.

Be aware that if you want you and your guest to be accessing the Virtual Lobby from different computers, the ideal is to perform the common registration without using the guest form. Otherwise, both attendee and guest will have to be together.

Count guests as a registration

Check the GUESTS button. Then select the form SETTINGS and click EDIT.

Check the COUNT GUESTS AS A REGISTRATION option. Then press END button.

The guest of the participant is not registered in the list of participants of the event. Thus, it is not possible to use accreditation or access control features for this audience.

Frequently asked question

  • Does the guest receive an email?

Yes, the this tool needs to be enable. To do this, go to SETTINGS>TOOLS, click on EDIT>EXTRA>Check the GUESTS EMAIL option, and then END to save it.