How can I configure fields on forms?

This article will show you how to add, edit or remove questions from forms, as well as how to set up the answer types in order to gather general information about the participants.

We understand that forms can be created for various purposes, and that's why we'll show you how to configure fields on registration forms, feedback forms, and custom forms.

Adding new fields to forms

The process to add new fields to forms will be the same for the different types of form offered by InEvent:

  1. Registration form
  2. Feedback form
  3. Custom Form
  4. Abstract form
  5. Booking form

The only difference will be how to access the page in order to create these fields.

Registration Form

The standard registration form includes default fields such as name, e-mail address, username, password, role, and company information.

To add new fields or questions to your form, go to Marketing > Registration > Registration form, click the  + Add fields button in the top left corner

Add Question in registration form

Feedback Form

The feedback form will vary depending on which type of survey will be conducted:

  1. Event feedback: Go to Event> Content > Feedback
Event feedback

  1. Activity feedback: Click on Agenda > Feedback and then select an activity
Activity feedback

  1. Sponsor feedback: Go to Event > Sponsor, select the Sponsor, at the Details tab, click on the Edit button on the top right corner and then scroll down until you see Ask for feedback when leaving, after ticking the box, click on the blue Edit button corresponding to it. It will direct you to the sponsor's feedback page where you can add fields to the feedback form.
Sponsor feedback
  1. Exhibitor feedback: Go to Event > Exhibitor, select the exhibitor, at the Details tab, click on the Edit button on the top right corner and then scroll down until you see Ask for feedback when leaving, after ticking the box, click on the blue Edit button corresponding to it. It will direct you to the exhibitor's feedback page where you can add fields to the feedback form.
    Exhibitor feedback

Custom Form

To add new fields to custom forms, you need to navigate to Marketing > Registration > Custom Forms> +Add Form. Once you create the form, you will see the +Add field button in the upper left corner.

Custom Form

Abstract form

To add new fields to the Abstract form, you need to navigate to Event > Abstracts. Choose the section you want to add a field to - Submission form or Review form and click on the +Add field button in the upper left corner.

Adding a field to Abstract form

Booking forms

To add new fields to the Booking form, you need to navigate to Booking > Forms at the company level. After creating a custom form or an event booking form, select the form and click on the form, click Edit and enter a new field in the New field section. Click on the New field button to register the newly created custom field.

Booking forms

Editing fields

Answer types

After adding fields to any of the above listed pages, you will need to choose the Answer Type from a list of options using the drop-down box.

Answer types

  1. Yes or No - The attendee must choose between Yes and No.
  2. Checkbox - The attendee should tick the checkbox to answer the field.
  3. Grade from 0 to 5 - The attendee should choose a number from 0 to 5.
  4. Options List - Here the organizer can set several options for the attendee to choose from (not multiple choice). 
  5. Plain Text - Displays a text box for the attendee to reply with a response.
  6. Formatted text - It allows you to submit word-style formatted texts.
  7. Online Signature - Displays a box for attendees to add their electronic signature.
  8. Passport field - Within the standard international passport structure, the attendee must enter the official ID.
  9. Airport field - It allows you enter airport names/codes and they will appear immediately.
  10. File upload - The attendee must attach the desired file, requested by the organizer.
For more information on the supported file formats, refer to the Supported Formats article.
  1. Multiple choice - Here the organizer can set several multiple-choice options.
  2. Date & Time - Here the attendee can choose a date and time from the calendar.
  3. Date - Here the attendee can choose a date from the calendar.
  4. Time - Here the attendee can choose a time from the calendar.
  5. Numeric -  The attendee can only enter numbers in this field, with a limit of 9 digits. If your type of answer requests more than 9 digits, use the answer type Plain text.

If you have selected Multiple Choice as the answer type, and you have added up to 10 options, they will be displayed as checkboxes; from 11 onwards, they will be displayed as a dropdown.
Online Signature

You can ask participants for their signatures on registration forms, custom forms, and booking forms. To add a signature box to each form, click on +Add field, enter your Field title, then select Online signature as the answer type from the drop-down menu:

Answer types

The form will now display a box for the participants to place their signatures. Participants can enter their signatures in one of the following ways:

  • Draw it (with a mouse) by clicking on the pen icon.
Draw it in pen icon
  • Type it by clicking on the keyboard icon.
Write it in keyboard icon

If you are using a registration form, you can view signature submissions directly from the registration form Analytics page. To learn more, click here.
Date/Time, Date, and Time answer types

Using the Date/Time, Date or Time answer types is useful for time related questions on your forms.

When selecting any of these answer types, you can set a default value and also set a minimum value and maximum value which will restrict users to the date or time set in these fields.

Date and time answer types
  • Setting the default value, minimum value and maximum value (optional)
The default value set is what will initially appear in this field on the form.

The gif below shows how to configure these settings for the Date/Time, Date and Time answer types.

Configuring the time field

When a user is filling the form, they will be restricted to selecting a date/time, date or time fields based on the configuration of the minimum and maximum value by the organizer.

  • When using the Date/Time answer type, the unavailable dates will appear faded. A warning note will appear when users try to select a time different from what has been set by the organizer on the minimum and maximum value field.
  • When using the Date answer type, the unavailable dates will appear faded.
  • When using the Time answer type, users will not be able to select a time outside of what has been configured by the organizer in the minimum and maximum value field.
Date and time fields in the registration form
Options List

When selecting the Options list as the answer type, there are a few preset options to choose from. Among them is the Empty List for you to add your own catalog.

Options List answer type
  • Adding your list

When selecting Empty list, on the field page click on Edit then select your question. Then, press the bullet point icon (outlined in the image below), and click the blue  Add Multiple Options  button

Add Multiple Options 
  • Presets option list

You can also select one of the preset options such as List of countries, List of US states, List of US states (abbreviation), List of US territories, List of US territories (abbreviation), List of US states and territories, and List of US states and territories (abbreviation). And the Options list will show a list of countries according to the option selected:

Presets option list

The Presets options list is only available for the Registration form.

Multiple Choice

To create a multiple choice field, write your question in the Field title field and then select Multiple choice from the drop down menu of Field answer type and click Create.

Image showing the multiple choice option from the drop down menu of answer types

Similarly to the Option list answer type, you have to add your options in your field. After you have clicked on the Edit button and clicked on the field, click on options then on Add multiple options. Type your options while pressing on the Enter button of your keyboard between each option and click on the Add options button once you're done.

Image showing the Add multiple options button

The options are now created. To learn how to change their order, check this section.

Image showing the added options in the multiple choice question

  • Minimum number of choices required

When creating a multiple choice field, you can set a minimum amount of required response, if the user selects less, they will not be able to proceed with the Registration form or any other other type of form until they have selected the minimum number of choice specified. If you set the number to 0, there will be no limit.

To set the minimum number of choices required, click on Edit and then type the number in tab shown below and then click End to save changes.

Image showing the minimum number of choices tab in the settings of a question

The answers will appear on the forms as red if the user does not select the number of choices specified as clarified under the question's title and they will not be able to submit the form, once they have selected the correct number, the boxes will become green and they will be able to submit the form.

Image showing the question with the minimum number of choices specified and how it appears on the registration form

  • 'Select all options' button for multiple choice questions

To enhance the efficiency of the process, attendees will be able to swiftly choose all answer options at once by clicking the Select all options button.

This is an automatic feature for the multiple choice field answer type.
Select all options button

When using the options list and multiple choice answer type, you can apply custom API values to the option(s) in the API Value box.
Advanced use of API requests requires specific technical knowledge, so this feature is best used by experts familiar with API. For more information on API requests, you can refer to our API documentation article.

API calls

How do I edit an option?

To edit an option you have added in your multiple choice or options list answer type, click on the Edit button and then click on the option. Once you do so, you will be able to change the option's title, set an answer limit for the option under the Settings field or remove the option you have added in the multiple choice or the option list question by clicking on the red Remove button.

You can also add a translation by clicking on the Add translation button, select a language from the language dropdown and click on the blue Add translation button, then click Save. The added language(s) will be available in the Virtual Lobby for attendees to select from.

When an answer limit is set for an option, the option will appear faded out and unavailable for selection in form.
How to edit an option

Required and Visible fields

Having a required field means that the attendees will need to answer that field to be able to advance through the form.

To define if a field will be required or not, press the Edit button, click on the desired field, then tick or untick the checkbox corresponding to Required.

Required and Visible questions
The new fields added will be Visible by default, if you wish to make the field Invisible press Edit and untick the Visible checkbox.
Invisible identification

If you decide to make the field invisible, as an admin, you can still see that question at My Account tab. To make it easier, there is an invisible icon sign before the question and after between brackets a sentence that says this question is invisible.

The invisible field will not be displayed at the user's My account page. It will only be visible for admins.
Invisible identification

When the Approval requirement feature is enabled, invisible fields will be visible from the Approvals page as well as the Applicants page. Admins can take advantage of invisible fields to add application status, review status, and approval or rejection decisions before finalizing the attendee's approval or rejection at the event.

GIF showing invisible fields from the Approvals/Applicants page.

How do I rearrange the order of the fields?

To rearrange the order of the fields, hover your mouse over the squares next to the custom field and drag the squares up or down, to place the fields into order.

Rearrange the order of the questions

How do I create a field with a default answer?

You can configure fields to be pre populated with default answers.

Select the field you'd like to add the default answer to, press Edit > and select or type in the Default value.

In the example below, the event organizers selected Yes/No as the answer type, so they can define if the default answer should be Yes or No. But if you Select Plain text as the answer type, you will see a field to type in the default value. The default value options will depend on the Answer type selected.

If you have selected Multiple Choice or File Upload as the answer type, you will not be able to create a default answer.
Create a question with a default answer

How do I use Triggers?

When using the Options list, Yes/No, Checkbox or Multiple choice field answer type, you can segment your attendees into different lists based on the answer they provide using the Trigger function. To do so, ensure you have created lists and follow the next steps below:

  1. Click on the field created with any of the above mentioned answer type.
  2. Click on Triggers.
  3. Click Edit on the top right corner.
  4. Select the List that should be triggered based on the expected answer using the drop-down box.
  5. Click on End to save the changes.

How to add triggers

Once an attendee chooses an answer option when filing the form, they will be added to the List linked to the answer on the platform.

How to use username masks?

When creating new field of the Plain text answer type, you can insert a Username mask in order to keep the answers under the desired format. 

For example, you can ask for the attendee's birthdate and insert a username mask to make sure the input data follows an MM/DD/YYYY format.

For more information about masks, refer to our Field mask article.

Conditional fields

You can create conditional fields when using the Yes/No, Options list, Multiple choice or Checkbox answer type. To learn more about conditional fields, read this article.

Deleting fields from the form

To remove a field, please click on it, then on the Edit button (top right corner of the screen). The Remove field will show up, allowing you to delete the selected question. Click on it and then click Remove on the window that pops up. To save this change, please click End.

Deleting questions from the form

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