Registration Form

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You can collect important data from the attendees enrolled in the event through the registration form.

Our platform contains a standard registration form which asks for name, e-mail, usernamepassword, role and company information by default.

Other questions can be added by the user in addition to these, as well as removing the default questions from the form.

The Registration Form can be set as open or closed, with the former setting the registration form as open to anyone, and the latter restricting access to those who are invited.

Lastly, it is available in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

How to access the Registration Form

To access the registration form, click on MARKETING > REGISTRATION > REGISTRATION FORM

Default questions at the Registration Form

The registration form contains default questions that are set in order. The questions are:

First Name, Last Name, Username, Email Address, Password, Role and Company.

To enable/disable the field Username: Access the company tools. On the left-hand side menu locate Configuration, follow by clicking Tools. Scroll down to locate Login section, Click on Edit check Username box, then click on End.
You can also Add fields PROFILE PICTURE and TAGS to your Registration Form. Access Tools, scroll-down to the section BLOCK to enable theses options.

Furthermore, the participant can choose if they want to be available and visible in the networking list or not. Click here to learn more about Networking.

If the attendee chooses "No," their profile won't be public in the event's networking list.

To change the default texts press the EDIT button in the top right corner, click on the question you want to change, input the new question in the field and press the END button in the top right corner when you have finished editing.

If you would like to take out the ''Password, Role and Company questions the press the EDIT tab, click on the question and press the red Remove button.Note: When deleting a Role OR Company, This option is called Profile Blocking, and prevents the user from modifying their information via the application to put photos, rename, and insert their phone number. To enable Profile editing, and thus re-enabling Role and Company questions, go to  the Event Tools  and disable Profile Lock in the (Block section).

How do I create new questions?

To add a new question press the + ADD QUESTION button in the top left corner.

Fill out the details of your question starting with the Question title, Question subtitle (if required) and the Answer Type from a list of options using the drop down box.

To learn more about how to add new questions on the registration form, click here.

SETTINGS - Structure of the form

You can edit and configure the structure of your registration form for your project, remembering that all the settings of 'Event Tools (Ex: Invitations)' and 'Event Structure (Ex: Private / Registration Date)' should follow the logic you are putting into your form. Press the EDIT button in the top right corner, then click on the SETTINGS tab.

Which tools can i enable/disable on my registration form?
  • Ticket Requirement - Define if tickets are a requirement to enroll at this event. If tickets and invites are disabled, any person will be able to register at the event during valid enrollment dates.
  • Approval Requirement - Define if administrators must approve attendee enrollment. If tickets are enabled, attendees will be automatically approved once their tickets are purchased and validated.
  • Invite Requirement - Set that only guests with invites will be allowed to enroll at the event. If manual approval is enabled, guests will also have to be approved in addition to their invite.
  • Waitlist - Define if guests can be added to the event waitlist when it has reached its full capacity. Guests will be automatically added to the event admission list and can be approved by admins.
  • RSVP Form - Create a practical yes or no form to quickly receive RSVPs from your attendees
  • Quick Form -  Allow people to only answer RSVP and automatically finishes their registration
  • Guest Form - Allow people to bring a guest during the event
  • Edits on Form - Allow edits to be performed after the form has been sent
  • Activities on Form - Add an extra step during the registration form by allowing people to select activities (This function will not work with the waitlist or approval requirement options enabled)


To preview the form you have created, click on the 'PREVIEW FORM' button at the top of the page.


See more information about it in Submissions - how to view enrollment form answers.

How to create an RSVP form?

Please, read RSVP form.

How can I create multiple registration forms for the same event?

See multiple registration forms.

How do I allow my participants to bring guests?

See Guest Forms.

Is it possible for my participant to choose their activities through the registration form?

Yes. You must enable the Activities on Form option in Form Settings.

If sessions are not visible in the registration form, please disable automatic enrollment.


Is it possible for me to know which invitees opened the form but didn't enrolled?

Yes. To do so, just press PEOPLE > INVITEES and then click on the button FILTER on the upper right corner.

A new window will pop up and you'll be able to select an option using the drop down bar. Chose "OPENED FORM BUT NOT ENROLLED" and press the blue + ADD FILTER button and you will see a list of all invitees who opened the registration form, but closed it without enrolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a limit to the number of questions on the registration form?

No, there is no limit to the amount of questions you can have in the registration form.

  1. Is it possible to change the platforms default messages, when completing the registration form or the text of the default questions?

Yes, this is possible by pressing the 'EDIT/ERROR/SUCCESS MESSAGES' button at the top of the page.

  1. I made a change in the default field, but i want to go back  to the original, how can i do this?

To restore the original default question headings, click "Edit Error / Success Messages" and then click the  'Edit' button. Select the item you want to restore to the original settings by ticking the check box  and click 'Remove' . Finish the changes by clicking on the  'End' button.

  1. How can I mask a plain text answer box ?

To mask a an answer box is to change the value and amount of characters aloud to be entered into the answer box.

For example if you create a question which asks for your "ZIP code" you may want to use the numerical value and allow only a character limit of 5 numbers.

To create a mask for the plain text answer box, you must create the question, then choose "plain text" as the answer type. Click EDIT in the top right corner and click on the question. You will now see a section which says "MASK" and you can follow the codes below to set the value and limit.

1. The # character (only '#') represents any 'number', allowing participants to enter only numbers in the question answer.

For example, '###' would allow the user to enter only three numbers.

2. The letter A ('A' only) represents any 'letter', allowing participants to type only letters in the answer to the question.

For example, 'AAAAAAAA' would allow the user to enter only seven letters.

4. The N character ('N' only) represents any "number or letter", allowing participants to type only numbers or letters in the question answer.

5.  If you wish to use an official structure (with dashes, period) you can add it to the field, and this structure will appear at the registration form.