Managing Attendees

This article intends to help you manage the attendees' list of your event. You will be able to filter, search, and edit all their information.

If you need any assistance on how to register attendees, click here.

How do I edit an attendee's information manually?

To see the attendees' information go to People > Attendees. On this page, you will see everyone that has registered for your event and all their profile details.

If an attendee’s information needs to be modified, including their password, press Edit in the upper right. A screen will appear on the right side, with the information of the selected attendee that can be modified by the event administrators.

Attendees list
Emails of attendees cannot be modified. In case you have enabled username access, the username will not be modifiable.

Under the attendees' profile picture that can be added by themselves under their My Account page, you will see some buttons:

Attendees buttons


By clicking on Message, you can send a push notification to this specific attendee. Click here for further information.


By clicking on Details, you will be taken to a new window with that attendees' details for you to keep up with the interactions related to this account.

Attendees' details

On this page, you will also be able to see the activities this attendee has enrolled in as well as the polls answered, and the lists this person has been added to.


Information about QR codes, flights, shuttle, etc. can be viewed by clicking on the attendee's voucher. Access this article for further information.


Click on the Note button if you wish to enter important notes about event attendees and check them out whenever you want. Click here to learn more about it.


By pressing the Email button, you will resend the confirmation email to that specific attendee. After clicking on the button, you will see a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to resend the email for this person. Press Ok confirm it.

Confirmation email pop up

Click here for further information on the confirmation email.

By pressing the button that says Magic link, the link will be copied so you can paste it and re-send it to the attendee. Click here for further information on the magic link.

How to bulk edit activity, tags, and lists

Scrolling down, you will see more fields that can be edited on the right-hand side menu of an attendee.

To add tags to a group of people, send them to a custom list, or enroll them in an activity, click on Edit, and select the desired group.

Then, choose the action that will be done, click on Run Bulk Operation, and select Run.

Screenshot of bulk editing

Attendee Tags

Attendees can also add tags themselves when filling the registration form.

Or by going to My Account when in the Virtual Lobby. Just click Edit, choose the desired tags, and then click End.

Filtering attendees

Click on Filter and select the parameters that will be used to segment your attendees' list. It is possible to insert as many filters as you need. Click on Add Filter and then Close.

Screenshot of filtering an attendee's list

Check below all filters we offer in our platform:

screenshot of all filters in the platform

Searching for attendees

Search profile of the attendee whose information you want to change, or select them from the list and click on their name:

Then, click on the Edit button.

screenshot of how to search for an attendee


To randomize attendees throughout the event, click Choose Random on the upper left side. The chosen one will appear in black on the screen.

screenshot of search random

How do I change a participant's password?

Click on Edit and enter the new password in the corresponding field. 

Remember that when you reset the attendee's password, the attendee will not receive a confirmation email with the new one. This must be sent externally (off the platform).

screenshot of how to change the password

The attendees can also recover their passwords by themselves. Access this article to learn all the available options.

Can I prevent the personal information of participants from being displayed?

To prevent certain information from being displayed, you need to access the Tools page in the platform, scroll down until you find the Block section, and click on Edit.

Now, you can select which information will be visible in the profile of each attendee. Mark the checkbox of each functionality and confirm by clicking on End.

To learn more, visit the Event Tools article.

How do I block the interaction between participants?

To block the interactions between Attendees of the event, simply define them as Private Attendees, which means they will become Invisible to other Attendees.

If you wish to do so using spreadsheets, you must mark Yes in the space indicated in the column of the question This person should be invisible to others?".

Click here to learn how the attendees' visibility will affect their networking options in the Virtual Lobby.

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