Managing Attendees

This article intends to help you manage the attendees' list of your event. You will be able to filter, search, and edit all their information.

If you need any assistance on how to register attendees, click here.

How do I edit an attendee's information manually?

Profile details

To see the attendees' information, go to People > Attendees. On this page, you will see everyone that has registered for your event and all their profile details.

If an attendee’s information needs to be modified, including their password, press Edit in the upper right. A screen will appear on the right side, with the information of the selected attendee that can be modified by the event administrators.

Edit an attendee's information manually
Emails of attendees cannot be modified. In case you have enabled username access, the username will not be modifiable.

Under the attendees' profile picture that can be added by themselves under their My Account page, you will see some buttons:

Button under the attendees' profile picture

There are 6 types of permission for a participant in the event. To learn more about the different permissions, click here, and to change the permission of an attendee here.


By clicking on Message, you can send a push notification to this specific attendee. Click here for further information.


By clicking on Details, you will be taken to a new window with the attendees' details for you to keep up with the interactions related to this account.

Person's information

On this page, you will also be able to see the activities this attendee has enrolled in as well as the polls answered, and the lists this person has been added to.


Information about QR codes, flights, shuttle, etc. can be viewed by clicking on the attendee's voucher. Access this article for further information.


Click on the Note button if you wish to enter important notes about event attendees and check them out whenever you want. Click here to learn more about it.


By pressing the Email button, you will resend the confirmation email to that specific attendee. After clicking on the button, you will see a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to resend the email for this person. Press Ok confirm it.

A pop-up asking if you are sure you want to resend the email for this person

Click here for further information on the confirmation email.

By pressing the button that says Magic link, the link will be copied so you can paste it and re-send it to the attendee. Click here for further information on the magic link.

Extra information

On the Attendees' page, there are other columns with information that you can easily check by using the scroll bar to the right.

The first columns contain the information inserted while adding the attendees to the event, such as name, role, company, email, etc. The others will display the following information:

You can toggle the visibility of each column by clicking the gear icon under the Edit button and checking/unchecking the boxes as needed.
GIF showing the view in People > Attendees page.

  • RSVP: It displays whoever confirmed their presence at the event by answering the RSVP form.
  • Custom Registration form questions: If you have one or more custom questions added to your Registration form, each questions will appear here as a column.
  • Private: The participant will not be visible for interactions.
  • Present: It informs if users have joined at least one activity online or checked in at an in-person event.
  • Printed: It shows if the attendees had their badge printed for accreditation.
  • Downloaded: It displays whoever has downloaded the App.
  • Device: It indicates if the user downloaded the app using an Android or IOS device.
  • Origin: There are four different types
  • Ticket: It shows which ticket the user purchased
  • Language: Based on a cascading model, the platform takes into consideration first the user language, then the event, and lastly the company language to send out emails.
  • Browser: It tells from which browser the attendee is connecting to the platform, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • OS: It informs which operating system the user is using for ex Windows, Macintosh, Linux etc
  • Tags: It displays the tags that are linked with the attendee
  • Enrollment: The date and time the user became an attendee
  • Updated: It shows the last time the attendees' information was updated, either by the admin or the participant via My Account.

How to bulk edit activity, tags, lists, and other fields

Scrolling down, you will see more fields that can be edited on the right-hand side menu of an attendee.

You will be able to:

  • Add tags to a group of people
  • Send them to a custom list
  • Enroll them in an activity
  • Update other fields
The fields that can be updated in bulk are: first name, last name, role, company, telephone, language, permission, assistant email, message, summary, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Upload your picture.

To do any of the actions listed above, click on Edit, and select the desired group by ticking the checkboxes to the correspondent attendees.

Next, choose the action that will be done (Add tag, Add to activity, Add to list, Update field).

Add tag, Add to activity, Add to list, Update field

If you are adding a tag to attendees, or adding them to an activity or list, you should go ahead and press Run bulk operation and then confirm by pressing Run on the pop-up window.

If you are updating a field, once you select the field that should be edited, you will have to define what should be the new value under With value.

Run bulk operation

Then, click on Run Bulk Operation, and press Run.

If you wish to learn how to bulk edit attendees' permissions, access this article.

Attendee Tags

Attendees can also add tags themselves when filling the registration form.

Attendee Tags

Or by going to My Account when in the Virtual Lobby. Just click Edit, choose the desired tags, and then click End.

My Account page


Filtering attendees

Click here to learn how to filter attendees.


To randomize attendees throughout the event, click Choose Random on the upper left side. The chosen one will appear in black on the screen.

Choose Random on the upper left side

How do I change a participant's password?

Click on Edit and enter the new password in the corresponding field. 

Remember that when you reset the attendee's password, the attendee will not receive a confirmation email with the new one. This must be sent externally (off the platform).

Change a participant's password

The attendees can also recover their passwords by themselves. Access this article to learn all the available options.


You can control all the platform tools that are relevant to attendees directly from the People page by clicking the Settings button at the top right corner. A pop-up will appear with the option to enable or disable each tool.

To enable an option, turn on the switch next to the tool as shown below:

Settings button

You can scroll down in the pop-up to see all the options. To learn more about each tool, see this article.

Can I prevent the personal information of participants from being displayed?

To prevent certain information from being displayed, you need to access the Tools page in the platform, scroll down until you find the Block section, and click on Edit.

Now, you can select which information will be visible in the profile of each attendee. Mark the checkbox of each functionality and confirm by clicking on End.

To learn more, visit the Event Tools article.

How do I block the interaction between participants?

To block the interactions between Attendees of the event, simply define them as Private Attendees, which means they will become Invisible to other Attendees.

Block the interaction between participants
If you wish to do so using spreadsheets, you must mark Yes in the space indicated in the column of the question This person should be invisible to others?.

Click here to learn how the attendees' visibility will affect their networking options in the Virtual Lobby.

Reporting attendees' details

To have the attendees' information available in an excel sheet, press Edit > Report. Once you click the button, a notification box will appear for you to Include magic links of your attendees in the report. If you want the attendees' magic links in the excel report, simply tick the checkbox. Next, press Generate.

Reporting attendees' details

A message will appear at the top of the screen, letting you know that your excel file is being processed and will be sent to your email once complete. You will also see receive another notification once the excel sheet is sent to your email successfully.

If you enable the Include magic links feature, your report will take longer to process.

Click here for further information on how to extract and view reports.

You can also generate an event full report that will centralize information from multiple event modules such as the list of all attendees and their data, all activities they attended, all sponsor rooms they visited, all comments they made, among other data. Click here for further information.

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