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View and control all the attendees questions on an activity, in real time.

With the question tool you can:

  • View the questions of attendees in a particular activity
  • Approve or disapprove specific questions
  • Auto pass the approval setup

Video Summary

The questions feature’s main objective is to create interactions between the attendees of an event and the organizers (and among themselves). It is possible, in real time, to ask questions within the activities that are happening at the moment. Approval of questions can be automatic (all questions are posted instantly) or moderated (all questions must be reviewed and approved before being posted).

How do I add questions to activities through the app?

To add questions to activities using the app, Press the SCHEDULE tab in the bottom menu. (Users have to be enrolled/ pinned to an activity to ask questions) 

Choose the activity in which you have enrolled then press the DETAILS tab

In the 'Interactions' section press the 'Questions' tab.

Then click on the plus icon ( + ) in the top right corner of the app screen, to add the question.

Type your question, then press 'OK' 

These steps are highlighted red in the image below:

After this step, all questions created within the activity will appear in a list. Attendees will be able to vote on the questions they are most interested in by clicking on the 'LIKE' (thumbs up) icon just below the question. 

How do I see the questions that were asked during an activity?

To access the questions asked during the activities, Click on 'AGENDA' > 'QUESTIONS'

Then click on an activity name and a new window will open to the right side, containing the questions of that activity.

How do I approve questions asked during the activities?

 By browsing the activity, you can check on attendee questions and moderate them. To moderate the questions, just click on "EDIT" in the top right corner.

It is possible to approve or disapprove them by using the 'YES'/'NO' drop down box in the 'APPROVE' section.

 You can also delete the question by ticking the checkbox next to the attendees name, then pressing the 'REMOVE' button in the top right corner. When done, click "END".

All these points are outlined in the image below:

Delete Questions

Delete questions In the App

You can delete the questions by sliding your finger to the left and clicking 'DELETE' 

Delete questions On the platform

To delete a question you will click on EDIT and select the question checkbox. Then click REMOVE> END

How do I block the questions function during my activities?

To force all questions to go under moderation, using the platform you will need to click on SETTINGS > TOOLS, then click the EDIT button in the top right corner

In the 'Event App' section, scroll down to 'QUESTION' - (send questions in activities)   If you want to disable this tool then un tick the check box and press the 'END' button to save the changes. The setting should then read   'NO'

Automatic approval of questions

Click SETTINGS > TOOLS> EDIT . Look for the Control category and check the option "Automatic approval of attendees questions in the activities" . Then click on END.

Can I display the questions asked to the audience present at the event?

Yes, just click on'AGENDA' > 'QUESTIONS'  choose the mode of view: TV or Display. For more information, visit "Content Projection" .