Tiktok Pixel Integration

The TikTok Pixel is a powerful measurement tool that tracks your Tiktok ads' impact on your website. This code enables you to monitor sales, user activity, and find the right audience for your ads.

InEvent offers you the opportunity to integrate your TikTok pixel ID to an event in order to track specific actions carried out by users of an event.

Creating a TikTok Pixel

To use the TikTok pixel integration, you must first have a TikTok for Business account. Click here to sign up.

After signing up, follow the instructions below to create a TikTok Pixel:

  1. Sign in to your TikTok Business account.
  2. Click on Tools and select Events from the TikTok Ads Manager page.
Tools > Events
  1. Locate the Web Events box and click on the Manage button.
Web Events
  1. Click on Set up web events and a new Create pixel box will pop up.
  2. Click on Manual set up to manually install your Pixel and click Next.
Manually install your pixel
  1. Create a name for your pixel and click Next.
Maximum character length is 128 characters including spaces.
Pixel name

After doing so, you can proceed to build your funnel.

  1. Categorize the events from the Event list into different funnels based on your users’ journey by clicking on the + sign beside each event and choosing the appropriate funnel. Then, click on Next.
To see the Standard events supported on InEvent's platform, please refer to this section.

Image showing the different funnels that show up once you click on the + sign
  1. Select your event setup method and click on Next.
Image showing the available methods to choose from and the Next button
  1. Select the parameters you need for your events by ticking the corresponding boxes and click on Next.
Select parameters

  1. Review your pixel setup and click on Finish.
In this page, it is recommended you enable the Automated Advanced Matching to enable you send customer information to better match your website events with ads on TikTok.

Finish set up

Now that your Tiktok pixel is created, you can copy the Pixel ID which will be needed for integration on InEvent's platform. The pixel ID will appear right under the pixel name on the top left of the page.

Pixel ID
For further information on setting up your TikTok pixel follow the guide given here.

Where can I integrate my Tiktok Pixel on InEvent's platform?

After setting up your TikTok account and creating your TikTok pixel ID, you can integrate the pixel into your event on InEvent's platform. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Event > Details.
  2. Click on the Edit button.
  3. Scroll down to the TikTok Analytics tag and enter the pixel ID.
  4. Click on End to save your changes.

TikTok pixel

What can I track when I integrate my Tiktok Pixel to InEvent's platform?

Once you've successfully set up the TikTok pixel on your event, go to Settings > Integrations > TikTok Analytics.

Settings > Integrations > TikTok Analytics

On this page, you will see the integrated pixel ID, as well as the supported events (actions) being managed and tracked by the pixel from the platform and sent to TikTok.

TikTok integration page

Below is a table showing the supported events (actions) the Pixel analytics is derived from:





When a user selects a ticket for purchase



When a user taps a button within the Purchase form.



When a user makes ticket payment on the Purchase form.



When a user signs up on the Registration form, Custom form, or Purchase form.

form.php, custom-form.php, purchase.php


When a user submits the Registration form, Custom form or Purchase form.

form.php, custom-form.php, purchase.php


When a user views the Registration form, custom form or Purchase form.

form.php, custom-form.php, purchase.php


When a user proceeds to checkout their ticket purchase on the Purchase form.



When a user adds their payment information during check out process.


When events (actions) are carried out, it will reflect on the TikTok business account for you to manage and track:

TikTok pixel

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