Social Media Links

You can link your social media accounts in several ways through the InEvent platform:

  • App post feed
  • Event website
  • Email  
  • Virtual Lobby

App Post feed

In the app post feed you can link these social media accounts:

  • Facebook - 1 public page
  • Instagram - 1 Instagram username only or 1 Instagram hashtag only
  • Twitter - multiple usernames and hashtags

To add your social media accounts, go to Event > Details:

screenshot of event > details

Click on Edit on the top right corner, then scroll down to the social media icons. You can enter the information by clicking inside the brackets to edit:

screenshot of social media icons

Your account and hashtags will now be linked to the live feed.

 To learn how to moderate, edit, filter, or edit posts of your Post Feed, please click here.

When adding a Facebook account, if the Facebook page is, you should add only inevent to the Facebook field displayed in the image above.


Doing the procedure above will allow the profiles of your social media to be displayed as an icon on your event website.

The social media icons will only appear on certain website templates.

The list of website templates in which support social media links are as follows: Andromeda dark, Andromeda light, Aquila, Callisto, Castor, Cosmos, Gemini black, Gemini white, Hydra, Janus, Mercury, Oberon, Oberon dark, Ophelia and Vulcan.

screenshot of social media icons


To incorporate your social content into your automatic confirmation or communication emails, go to Marketing > Communication > Email Creator or Automatic Emails (the emails available will vary depending on the plan you have purchased).

Once you are on the design page of your email (either by creating a new one or selecting a type), look at the menu to your left and click on Social:

screenshot of email > social

You can choose from 3 design tabs of social links. To choose one, simply drag and drop it to your email on the right?

screenshot of email > social icons

Once you have chosen the design tab and placed it on the email to the right, click on the social media tab and a new set of options will be displayed on the left side menu.

Click on Social content. There you can add the hashtags of all the social icons you wish to include or exclude:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Skype
screenshot of social content

How do I hide the social media I am not using on the email?

You can remove the social content icons from the email by going to the design page of your email and clicking on the social tab box to the right (if you haven`t added one, please check the instructions above in the Email section). Then, on the menu to the left, click on Social content.

You will see a check box that reads Show; if you would like to remove the social content icons from your email, then untick the box.

screenshot of email > social content

Virtual Lobby

If you are using the Virtual Lobby, the participants of your event can also add posts to the feed while attending your event virtually. They can just type the message in the indicated area and then post it.

Screenshot of News Feed Virtual Lobby

If the content was originally posted on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, etc.) that has been linked to the event as mentioned above, the source icon will appear on the left, and the link to open the original post will be displayed on the news feed as well.

Can I disable the Feed in the Virtual Lobby?

Yes! To disable the feed, go to Event > Virtual Lobby > press Edit and uncheck the Feed option to disable it.

screenshot of disable feed in the Virtual Lobby

My Account

All participants of the event will be able to add their social media links to their My Account page.

To insert your social media links, access the My Account page by selecting the correspondent tab in the left-hand side. Then, press Edit in the upper right, close to your profile picture.

Editing my account info

Then, scroll down until you see the fields to enter your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Social media profs

After adding the social media links, press Done to save the changes.

Saving changes in the my account page

The social media links will be visible to other attendees whenever they click on a participant's name either under Networking or in the list of participants inside a room via People tab.

social media links

Go to Event > Configuration > Details > scroll down to the social media section.

If you see a block in front of your profile or hashtag, then please remove the block by pressing the x. See the image below for more details:

screenshot of event > details > social media

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