Email Health: artificial intelligence for emails

InEvent has artificial intelligence for emails, which can be analyzed through the Email Health feature. This tool allows the event admin to verify and filter email lists in order to reduce bounce emails.

How do I access the Email Health page?

Company Level

To access the Email Health page on the company level, click on Email Health under the Reports section.

Email health in company level

Event level

To access the Email Health page on the event level, click on Marketing > Communication > Email Health.

Email health in event level

How do I verify if the email is secure or not?

You will see a list with all registered emails, from your attendees' list. On the company level, you will see emails registered in all events. On the event level, you will see emails registered in this specific event.

Besides each email, there will be a checkbox indicating whether the email is safe or not. If the email is considered risky, the checkbox will not be marked, and there will be an explanation as to why it is not safe.

The definitions for Email Health has 4 variations:

  • Catchall | Valid Domain 
  • Valid | Valid Domain
  • Invalid | Nonexistent Domain
  • Unknown | Domain not found
In case several emails bounce back because it is considered risky, the platform will stop sending emails. To learn how to reduce the bounce rate, click here.

How do I search, filter, and extract a report on email health?

  1. You can search for a specific email by clicking on Search.
  2. You can filter safe or risky emails by clicking on Filter.  
  3. You can export this list by clicking on Edit > Report.
Search, filter, report in Email Health

How do I send a communication to an invalid or unknown email?

If you would like to send emails that are considered risky, you will need to click on the Edit button and mark the checkbox on the Email Health column.

In case of bounce by sending emails to addresses of emails considered risky the whole quota of emails of the event will be blocked for sending. You can not roll back this dimension lock.
Email health checklist
An image showing the 'Edit' button
If you want to register email addresses for testing on the platform, please use one of the below domain suffixes so you do not increase your bounce rate, for example: The domain prefixes you can use for testing are:,,,,,, or

Mailing blocked due to risky e-mail lists

The InEvent platform could be blocked from sending more e-mails in case too many e-mails bounce back due to poor e-mail health.

Preventing mailing from being blocked

After registration is finished

If you invited all participants or closed registrations for this particular event, you should disable any e-mail classified as unknown or invalid on the Email health page by unchecking the box under the e-mail health column.

Preventing email from being blocked

This will prevent the platform to send future communication to emails that have already been classified as spam.

During registration

If you are hosting an event that uses invitation only and the registration is still open but the event cannot have more bounces, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Set the event as a draft so the platform will stop sending communication.
  2. Remove the invitees' list
  3. Create a copy of the event
  4. Filter the invitees' list on several platforms, such as Bouncer, Neverbounce, or Hunter.
  5. Upload the clean list to the copied event.
Please note that by reuploading attendees to a new event you will be using the registration credits available in your account.
  1. If anyone has already registered for the original event, they will have to do it again.
If registration is opened to the public, the bounce rate can get affected again.

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