Information Security

Privacy and Encryption

InEvent has a process to ensure the protection of incoming data. We do not share or sell personal information to third-party organizations. We have a code of conduct and information security policy based on this premise.

Attendees can choose when and how they would like to share their data through our privacy options.

If the company or event has a privacy policy, it can be indexed to the platform to be displayed to attendees in their first login flow.

Password Protected Content Manager - Optional Password Activation for Attendees.


InEvent seeks to obey all laws, both nationally and internationally, even if they are just acts of good faith and / or fair policies. Trust in our partners is very important to provide a solutions available globally.

Technical requirements

InEvent works with new and dynamic platforms to always deliver the best experience. We always try to maintain the highest number of compatibilities, supporting versions always with 3 years or less of market launch.

Operational System

Mac OS X 10.11 or most recent

Windows 7 or most recent


Chrome (Mac/PC) 56 or most recent (best experience, required for speakers/presenters)

Firefox (Mac/PC) 44 or most recent (recommended alternative)

Safari (Mac) 11 or most recent (recommended alternative)

Chrome (Android) 80 or most recent

Safari (iOS) 11 or most recent


iOS 12.0 or most recent

Android 4.0 or most recent


Outlook (browser mode only)

Thunderbird 45.0 or most recent

Apple Mail (Mac OS X 10.8) or most recent

Spam Policy

We can not send any kind of spam email. Our policy states that any campaign that has a bounce rate greater than 5% is considered abusive and is automatically blocked from our systems.

In addition, spam complaints may limit only 0.01% (1 in 10,000) emails to follow the guidelines of most ESM providers.

Backup and Recovery of Disasters

Our server runs a script that saves platform-attached data at all times to minimize the impact of an unlikely critical failure.

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