The management and control of discount coupons are made in the Ticket Manager environment. On this page you will be able to:

  • Add event discount coupons
  • Define the number of coupons and discount the percentage of each

How do I register the event discount coupons?

To add a discount coupon, go to Marketing > Tickets > Coupons

Screenshot of steps Marketing > Tickets > Coupons

To add a coupon, click on + Add Coupon in the top left corner.

Then you can enter:

  • The coupon code
  • The coupon discount (discount percentage)
  • The amount of coupons
  • The limit usage for specific tickets

When complete, press the blue Create button.

Screenshot of steps to add a new coupon

After that, your discount coupons will appear on the screen queued, according to the amount of coupons created

Screenshot of coupons
Coupons created on the InEvent platform cannot be accessed or tracked through browser add-ons or search engines.

How do I delete event discount coupons?


To delete coupons, click the Edit button in the top right corner, select the coupon by clicking on the checkbox and press the Remove button in the top right corner.

A pop-up message will appear for you to confirm removal, press the red Remove button.

Press End in the top right corner to finish.

Remove coupons
In mass

If you want to delete coupons in mass, click on the Edit button > click on Select all, the first 20 coupons will be selected and you will see an option to select the total coupons available.

Click on Remove when you make your selection > a pop-up message will appear for you to confirm the removal of the coupons, click on Remove.

Press End to save changes.

gif showing how to delete in mass

How do I pull a report?

It's also possible to extract a spreadsheet with a report of all discount coupons registered to find out which coupons have already been used. To do this just click on the Edit button in the top right corner.

Then the Report button will appear in the top left corner. Click on Report and you will receive the spreadsheet by email.

Screenshot of how to get a report

How do I create a ticket discount policy?

Create your discount policy by clicking Marketing > Tickets > Tickets.

Select the ticket that will have a different discount and click on the blue button and press EDIT.

Choose the % discount and Number of tickets required for the discount to be valid.

  • Example: 10% off when purchasing 10 or more tickets

Finally, click on the + Add discount button.


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