Event headings

You can personalize the user experience in your event from the first contact they will have until the last impression while using our platform! The standard message, fields and buttons on the forms, on the app, on the event's agenda, and even on the Virtual Lobby, all these values can be tailor-made to make your event special.

To personalize the placeholders for all events created within your company click here.

How do I add headings?

To customize the standard text in one specific event, choose the event, and select Settings > Headings. Then, click on the button +Add Headings.

A new window will open, and you can choose the default text you want to change on the Select heading type. In the field below type Heading Value, add the new text, and press Create.

What are the heading types that can be customized?

There are several options to personalize the Forms, Purchase forms, Activity, Agenda, My Account, App, and the Virtual Lobby.

Below, you'll find the most frequent use cases for headings.


Customizing standard text in the forms can be done both at the company level, to all your events, or on the event level, just to a specific event.

For Custom forms - Terms of service, and all the options for Purchase forms/ Ticket Manager need to be customized at the event level only.
Labels and buttons

You can find several options to customize the labels and buttons on the Form. The option to personalize the 'Go to event' button that appears when the user completes the form can be very useful. One example is to make it looks like there is nothing to be clicked:

In case you wish to avoid access to the Virtual Lobby prior to the event date, check this article.


The Registration Form solution has previously defined text for the mandatory questions. You can change the standard questions as described in the Registration Form or change them in the Default Text screen along with the other messages. 

Below is an example of "before and after" image of the registration form questions, edited using the Default text

Screenshot of steps  Settings> Headings>Add heading>heading value
  • Form - Disclaimer: To add a link to the registration form. Under Type heading value, you should add the markdown support as shown in the image below. Example: [Click here](https://example.com){target=_blank} to donate!
Adding links to the registration form
  • Form - Disclaimer Bottom: To add a link at the bottom of the registration form. Under Type heading value, you should add the markdown support as shown in the image below. Example: [Click here](https://example.com){target=_blank} to see more details.
Form - Disclaimer Bottom

  • Purchase - Register disclaimer: To add a link to the purchase form. Under Type heading value, you should add the markdown support as shown in the image below. Example: [Click here](https://example.com){target=_blank} to check our website!
Purchase - Register disclaimer
The heading Purchase - Register disclaimer will allow you to have a link on the first page of the purchase form, but if you'd rather have a link on the following pages of the purchase form, you can select the headings Purchase - Billing disclaimer, Purchase - Ticket disclaimer, Purchase - Payment disclaimer or Purchase - Confirm disclaimer.


For the login page, there are few options to change the default text. A very functional example would be customizing the 'Request Magic Link' button to login at the InEvent platform as company administrators.


There are four options to customize the App's landing page, and they can also be changed at the company level if you decide to modify the values for all the events: Login name, Login username, Login password and Download - Title.

Virtual lobby

The options to change the Virtual Lobby's label and buttons can be done via Headings.

If you wish to change the Virtual Lobby's menu label (at the main page or inside the activities) you can do it from the Customizable Tabs.
Room status label

Depending on its room video mode, settings, start and end time, each room will display a status tile in its upper left corner.

The existing status are: On Demand, Live, Finished and Invisible.

Room session tiles
Invisible rooms are only visible to administrators.

If you wish to customize the room status label, under Select heading type you should select either:

  • Virtual Lobby Room - Status On Demand
  • Virtual Lobby Room - Status Finished
  • Virtual Lobby Room - Status Invisible
  • Virtual Lobby Room - Status Live
Changing the room status headings

You can also manually change each room label status. Click here for further information.

My Agenda

Agenda labels are found on the My Agenda page and refer to the use of the meetings tool.

The meetings tool allows for such functions as "Restrictions" and "Preferences".

To learn more about the meeting tools Click Here.

You can change the text of the following tabs on the My Agenda page:

  • Agenda Label - Agenda
  • Agenda Label - Preferences
  • Agenda Label - Restrictions
Screenshot of my account page


There are many possibilities for customizing the Text of the activities. Here are some of the most used Headings to change the attendees' agenda buttons in the application:

  • Activity - Registration button: When the activity registration is not automatic (to know more, see Agenda Management) the participant must click this button to be linked to the activity.
  • Activity - Dismiss button: Necessary for the participant to withdraw from the activity in which they are enrolled. For Calendar Block in events, found in (Event tools). This button will have no textual content.
  • Activity - Detail button: You can click on it to view more activity information, submit questions, and download materials.
  • Activity - Not Available button: If there are no more vacancies, or you have chains in activities, this term will appear in the subscribe button.

How do I edit or remove headings?

To remove a heading you have created simply click on the Edit button and then select the heading you wish to delete and press Remove.

To modify the headings, click on the blue button to open a new window on the right and then press Edit to do the changes needed. Click End when you are done.

Below is a gif teaching you how to edit and remove headings:

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