How can I refund attendees' purchase?

This article will inform you on how to refund attendees' ticket purchase as an event organizer.

If you are an attendee, refer to our article on requesting a refund for your purchase instead.

Configuring your event's refund policy

If you want to allow attendees to request refunds for their ticket purchase, you first need to configure your event's refund policy. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Marketing > Tickets > Payments.
  2. Click on Policy from the left menu bar under the Payments section.
  3. Click on Edit at the top right corner of the page.
  4. Select your Refund policy using the drop-down box to disallow refund requests or to allow refund requests up to a certain period. The available options are as follows:
  • No refund
  • Until 1 day before the event
  • Until 7 days before the event
  • Until 15 days before the event
  • Until 30 days before the event

Refund policy

  1. Press the End button to save your changes.

Enabling refund notifications for admins

If you want an admin to receive automatic email notifications when an attendee requests a refund, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to People > Attendees.
Screenshot showing how to access the Attendees page.
  1. Locate the admin profile which will receive refund request notifications.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Check the Refund requests box under Notifications. 
  4. Press the End button to save your changes.
Refund request

Approving or rejecting a refund request

When an attendee requests a refund for their purchase, you need to either approve or reject the refund request. To approve or reject a refund request from an attendee, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the payment with AUTHORIZED Refund requested status in the Payments page.
You can use the filter to only display refund requests by clicking Filter and then selecting Refund requested under Payment status.
  1. Click the blue open payment details button. The Payment details box will be displayed.
  2. Select Approve refund or Reject refund under Refund requested. A pop-up box will be displayed.
When rejecting a refund request, you must include a Reason for rejection message which will be sent to the attendee's email.
  1. Click Approve to finalize approving or rejecting the refund request.
GIF showing how to approve or reject an attendee's refund request.

After the refund request is approved, a Payment refunded! pop-up box will be displayed, as seen below.

Screenshot showing the Payment refunded! pop-up box.

Alternatively, after the refund request is rejected, a Payment refund rejected! pop-up box will be displayed, as seen below.

Screenshot showing the Refund rejected pop-up box.
Refund requests by attendees who paid using any of our integrated payment gateways will be processed by the payment gateway once approved by the event organizer.

Issuing a payment refund

Event organizers can also issue a refund for an attendee's purchase without it being requested by the attendee. To issue a refund, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the payment you wish to refund in the List page under the Payments section.
  2. Click the blue open payment details button beside the payment you wish to issue a refund.
  3. Scroll down the Payment details pop-up box to locate Refund order.
  4. Press the Issue refund button. A pop-up box will be displayed.
  5. Click Refund on the Refund Order pop-up box to finalize issuing the payment refund.

After the payment refund is issued, the Payment refunded! pop-up box will be displayed.

GIF showing how to issue a refund without the attendee's request on the platform.

The attendee will receive an email notification that their purchase has been refunded.

Event organizers can issue a refund using this method even if the refund policy is set to No refund, or the specified refund request period has expired.

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