Integration with Stripe

The integration with Stripe will allow you to charge your attendees for tickets. Your attendees will be able to purchase tickets via the registration form, website, or my account page.

You will need a developer site account from Stripe and open an application to get your Publishable and Secret key information for integration with the platform. To get to know more about this process or how to configure a developer site account, click here.

Company level

To link your Stripe account at the Company level, go to Integrations > Stripe. Next, enter your Publishable Key and Secret Key into the designated fields. You can also select the Credit card and/or Invoice option using the drop-down menu, Yes or No.

Stripe integration

With Stripe integration, you can have a flat tax percentage. Add a value-added tax (VAT) by defining the Tax Label and associating it with a specific Tax rate %.

Tax label and rate

The fields displayed in the image above are just visual add-on. To actually include the Tax, you must also add it to the Dashboard from Stripe

You can also add choose whether to use the 3D secure option by selecting the Yes or No.

3D Secure
3D Secure, also known as 3DS, is an authentication protocol used to secure online credit and debit card transactions. It adds an additional layer of security by requiring the cardholder to authenticate themselves during the online transaction process. The "3D" stands for "Three Domain," as the protocol involves three parties: the issuer (bank or financial institution that issued the card), the acquiring bank (merchant's bank), and the interoperability domain (the infrastructure that facilitates the authentication process).

Once you have entered the desired information, the account from Stripe will now be linked with the InEvent platform and you can start selling tickets for your event.

To learn how to create tickets for your event, click here.

If you wish to have a Sandbox account, there are two options: you can either create a new trial account to test your registrations or have a permanent paid sandbox that you can use for a year. If you would like to go with the second option, please contact your sales rep.

Event level

To link the account from Stripe at the Event level, choose an event then go to Settings > Integrations > Stripe.

Stripe integration at the event level

This action will take you to the Company Level, where you will be able to enter your Publishable Key and Secret Key into the designated fields.

Where do I find the keys by Stripe?

Navigate to and login, click on Developers > API Keys > and copy your Publishable and Secret key to the InEvent platform.

Stripe API Keys

How can I configure the Stripe Invoice option?

At the company level, the Invoice option is disabled by default. To enable it, click on Edit and select the option Yes under the Invoice drop-down menu. You can configure the number of due days for the invoice:

Stripe invoice option

After generating the invoice, users can pay using the ACH instructions, Credit card, and various other ways, which are defined by the merchant according to their Stripe Dashboard.

Payments will be detected automatically regardless of the method chosen. And the refunds are also automatic. All invoices generated and payments will be available on the Stripe dashboard.

Stripe does not offer a way to void an invoice that was generated and was valid at some point. According to US laws, an invoice cannot be voided if the same was still valid when generated. Because of that, an invoice can still be paid after its due date. Nonetheless, it's under the event organizer's discretion to deliver the product or not.

How do I test my integration before going live?

Testing the payment gateway will ensure that the integration is properly set up and ready to start receiving payment, and it can also give you a good idea of how the purchase process works.

Every account has separate keys for testing and for running live transactions. Click here to learn more about these two types of keys.

To make sure your integration is working as planned, there are two options:

  1. Live mode: With the live keys entered into the platform, you can create a ticket that costs 1$ and complete the purchase with a real credit card.
  2. Test mode: You can remove the production keys you have entered, add the testing keys to our platform and test the integration with one of the testing credit cards provided by Stripe. The credit cards that you can use as well as the step by step on how to test your integration before going live are listed in this article.
If you choose to test the integration using the Test mode, once the testing is done, remember to replace the testing keys with the live keys.

What currencies are supported by Stripe?

Multiple currencies are accepted by Stripe however these are dependent on the country you registered your account from Stripe in, to see the full list click here.

How does the Stripe field appear on the Purchase form?

On the Purchase form, the Stripe field will appear under the Payment section as shown below:

Stripe on the Purchase form

For UK users, if you use a UK credit card then the Zip code field automatically changes into a postcode field.

Post code

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