Integration with Stripe

With Stripe integration, you can charge your attendees for tickets. Your attendees will be able to purchase tickets via the registration form, website or my account page.

You will need a Stripe developer site account and open an application to get your Publishable and Secret key information for integration with the platform. To get to know more about this process or how to configure a developer site account, click here.
Company level

To link your Stripe account at the Company level, go to Integrations > Stripe.

Next, enter your Publishable Key and Secret Key into the designated fields.

With the Stripe integration, you can have a flat tax percentage. Add a value-added tax (VAT) by defining the Tax Label and associating it with a specific Tax rate %.

Tax label and rate

The fields displayed in the image above are just a visual add-on. To actually include the Tax, you must also add it to your Stripe Dashboard.

Once you have entered the desired information, your Stripe account will now be linked with the InEvent platform and you can start selling tickets for your event.

To learn how to create tickets for your event, click here.

If you wish to have a Sandbox account, there are two options: you can either create a new trial account to test your registrations or have a permanent paid sandbox that you can use for a year. If you would like to go with the second option, please contact your sales rep.

Event level

To link your Stripe account at the Event level, choose an event then go to Settings > Integrations > Stripe.

This action will take you to the Company Level, where you will be able to enter your Publishable Key and Secret Key into the designated fields.

Where do I find my Stripe keys?

Navigate to and login, click on Developers > API Keys > and copy your Publishable and Secret key to the InEvent platform.

What currencies does Stripe support?

Stripe accepts multiple currencies however these are dependent on the country you registered your Stripe account in, to see the full list click here.

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