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Track your ticket sales for your event in real time, your revenue received, pending revenue, and creating manual payments. Have up-to-date charts and reports in .xls with dates, values, and discounts.

By accessing the payments feature under MARKETING > TICKETS > PAYMENT you will get the following information:

  • ID: unique code associated with the financial transaction.
  • Third ID: unique code associated with the financial transaction from Wirecard / Paypal.
  • Person: Name provided by the attendee for billing.
  • User: column with the user provided by the attendee at the time of purchase.
  • Date: day correlated to last purchase-related status
  • Type: indicates the form of payment (credit card, ticket or manual payment).
  • Status: at which stage is the attendees purchase (under review, approved, canceled and refunded).
  • Subtotal: purchase value without deduction.
  • Discount: value of the discount that the purchase has (if applicable)
  • Total: amount paid by the attendee (already considering the rebate).

How do I register a manual payment?

To register a manual payment, Click on 'MARKETING' > 'TICKETS' > 'PAYMENTS'

Then press the ' +CREATE PAYMENT' button in the top left corner.

Then fill in the required fields:

  • Name
  • User
  • Email
  • Select a ticket

Press the blue 'CREATE' button when complete.

It is not possible to delete a manual payment. If necessary, contact our support to request this action.

How to perform searches and filters on the report

You can perform searches and filters on the report for quick sales queries.

To search for names, e-mails or by the user of a buyer, click the SEARCH button in the top right corner

To filter by payment type, dates, or payment status, click the Filter button in the top right corner.

You can view the payment data through a list by clicking on the "view payments as list" icon on the top left corner.

Highlighted in the image below:

Or you can view them by graphs per ticket, by groups or by specific lists. To do this simply click on the icon "view payment statistics" on the left side of the top menu.

Highlighted in the image below:

You can also extract reports in xls format. with data pertaining to each purchase and each buyer. To do this you will click the 'EDIT' button in the top right corner.

Then press the 'REPORT' button in the top left corner.

 . You will receive the file via email or you will have the option to download it by the platform itself.

Integrate payment options

You can use integrations such as Paypal and wirecard, to learn more click the links below: