Ticket Management

This tool helps out in ticket management and control. The Manage Tickets feature enables the functions of:

  • Adding event ticket types (differentiating, for example, whether it is a half-entry or a full entry);
  • Pricing tickets;
  • Defining which entrance the attendee should use.

How do I turn the functionality on and off?

Click on Settings > Tools. Click on Edit, scroll down to the Registration section and check the tickets functionality on and off.

Settings > tools > registration > tickets

How do I add tickets to the platform?


To add tickets on the platform , go to Marketing > Registration > Tickets, then press the +Add ticket button on the top left corner.

Add a ticket name, and if required, a ticket price, and click on Create.

Marketing > tickets > add ticket > name > price

Using a spreadsheet

You can also bulk import tickets to the platform by using a spreadsheet. To do so, on the Tickets page press Edit > Import > Download demo file.

The spreadsheet comes with an example of how to fill each of the columns. Once completed, the file should be saved on your computer and then imported using the green file button next to Import on our platform as shown below, then click the Import button.

How to bulk import tickets
For the tickets to be shown in the registration form, make sure Ticket Requirement is enabled.

How can I edit the ticket information?

Scroll to the right side and press the blue button on the ticket which you would like to edit. This opens a panel to the right, where you can edit the information of your ticket such as:

  • Name: what is the name of the ticket (VIP ticket, sponsor access).
  • Description: what the ticket entitles (gifts, exclusive access, lectures).
  • Entrance: where the ticket holder must enter the event.
  • Group: visual grouping of the ticket at the time of purchase. Useful for restrictions
  • For sale: can the ticket be purchased through the form? If so, choose YES. If no one should see the ticket, or it should not be released yet, check NO.
  • Capacity: total amount of tickets available for purchase at the event.
  • Purchase minimum: minimum number of tickets per purchase.
  • Purchase maximum: maximum number of tickets per purchase.
  • Purchase limit: total amount of tickets that one participant can buy.
  • Price: amount to be paid for the ticket.
  • Custom form for the invitee: questions specific to a ticket type.
  • Assign ticket user to list: ideal for creating activity schedules according to the ticket purchased. Click here to learn more about it.
  • Discounts: create automatic discount policies for each ticket. Click here to learn more about it.
  • Segmentation control: defines who will view the ticket to purchase it. Click here to learn more about it.
  • Batch pricing: Define batch turnover policies. Click here to learn more about it.

Click on the End button on the top right corner to finish editing

Can I create different registration forms according to the ticket type?

Yes. Each ticket may have a specific set of questions, if you wish. To do so:

  1. Create a custom form with the specific questions of that ticket..
  2. On the tickets screen, choose a ticket that will have the complement and click on Edit.
  3. Go to the Custom form for Invitee. Select the form you created and click on End.
The questions will only show to the invitees who got the valid ticket by either e-mail or by link, that is, which was already paid.
It's important to mention that the segmented questions by the type of ticket will ONLY show on the initial purchase form (registration) if the user who is going to buy it is previously linked to the Custom list of that ticket.

How do I delete a ticket?

To delete event tickets, Click Edit on the top right corner , select the ticket by ticking the check box on the far left side. 

The Remove button will then appear on the top right corner. Press the Remove button.

Click on the End button on the top right corner to finish.

Marketing > tickets > select a ticket > Edit > remove > end

Can I associate a ticket with an attendee?

Yes! To associate a ticket with an attendee, press People > Attendees      

People > attendees

Press the Edit button on the top right corner and click on an attendee from the list . A new screen  will open on the right with all of the attendee's information.

On the new screen to the right, Scroll down to Ticket and using  the drop down box, select a ticket for the attendee

 Click End to finish.

ticket > select ticket > end

It is also possible to make the digital ticket available through a voucher, which can be sent to the attendee either by email or in the mobile application. The Digital Ticket Voucher is customizable and the event administrator can choose what information it will present (such as QR Code or gateway, for example).

To do this, click on an attendee, then on the menu to the right. Now, click on the Voucher icon, highlighted in green below:

ticket > voucher > end

Example of a Voucher:

To learn more about Digital Ticket Vouchers, click on this link: Digital Ticket Voucher

The Ticket Manager is a great tool for use by event organizers. Additional features that it has includes an automatic follow-up of unused tickets, which will notify the administrator's email before the event begins.

How do I attach a custom form to a ticket?

You can have different registration forms, based on the type of ticket.

To do so, you need to create a custom form, with the questions you would like to have on the ticket.

After that, on the tickets screen on the platform, choose the ticket type you want to add the form, click on Edit, go to the section Custom form for invitee, and choose the specific form for that ticket. Then, click on the End button to save your changes.

marketing > tickets > select a ticket > edit > custom forms for invitee
The questions will only appear to invitees that receive the ticket via e-mail or link. The custom form won’t show to the ones that purchase the tickets.

Ticket Batch

Please read Ticket Batch.

Is it possible to send a ticket to another person?

Yes. Please read Is it possible to send a ticket to another person?

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