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In this article, you will learn how to create Quizzes for your InEvent webinar, and how to edit and remove them.

How do I enable the Quiz feature?

To activate the Quiz feature in your webinar, go to Settings > Tools > Edit, scroll down until you see the Live section, and tick the box for Polling.

Live section Polling

If instead of seeing a checkbox, you see Click, you will need to enable this feature in the company tools. To do so, simply press Click and a new tab will be opened automatically on the company tools page.

Then, scroll down until you see the Live section, press Edit, and make sure the Polling checkbox is checked. Press End to save the changes.

Polling checkbox is checked

In the platform

How do I create a Quiz?

You can create as many quizzes as you like in the Live Stream.

To add a quiz, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Interactivity > Quiz > select an Activity > +Add quiz on the left corner.
  2. Create the quiz title and click on Create.
  3. Click on +Add question on the right corner and enter the possible answers, select the answer considered the correct one, and press Create.
  4. Go to the Settings tab to set a timer countdown and make the quiz active/visible.
Timer countdown
The timer countdown for quizzes is zero by default. Make sure you set the timer for the quiz, if left equal to zero attendees will not be able to answer the quiz.

How do I edit quizzes?

  • Answers: To edit the order of the quiz's answers, change the correct answer, and add extra information, click on the Edit answer (the blue button that appears next to the question).
  • Settings: To edit the settings and configure the Timer, set the quiz active/visible, and click on Edit. Once you are done, press End to save the changes.
Edit quizzes

How do I activate multiple quizzes at once within the platform?

When you create multiple quizzes for the Live Stream and you would like to activate them at once, simply select the Live Stream > press Edit > check the quizzes you wish to activate > Activate > click on End to save the changes.

If you wish to disable all the quizzes at once, follow the same steps and press Deactivate instead.

Activate multiple quizzes at once
By following this step-by-step and activating one or more quizzes, they will automatically be active and visible. This means that you will not have to access each quiz as mentioned in the previous section.

How do I remove the quiz?

To remove the quiz, click on Edit > tick the checkbox of the quiz you wish to remove > press Remove. 

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the action, press Remove.

Remove the quiz

In the Live Stream

To perform the following actions in the Live Stream, the attendee must have one of the permissions: admin, staff, presenter, linked speaker or being the host of the Live Stream.

How do I create a Quiz?

If attendees have 'user', 'collector', or 'interpreter' permission, they will only be able to answer the quizzes. To check which type of permission can create Quiz inside the activities, click here.

Once you are inside the Live Stream, go to the Quiz tab and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the + button > type the title of the Quiz in the corresponding field > press Next
  2. Type the question in the corresponding field and add the answers' option
  3. Select the correct answer and if wanted click on the +Add info (optional)
  4. Click on +Add question or Next
  5. Now you can Review the questions, answers, and settings > press Create
Review the questions

How do I edit quizzes?

To Edit the quiz from inside the Live stream, you will find two options:

  • Visibility: By clicking on the eye icon you can make it visible/invisible, click on Yes at the pop-up message to confirm the action.
  • Answers and Settings: By clicking on the Edit icon you can edit answers, add questions and other options, change the correct answer, set the timer and change the visibility. Press Done to save the changes.
Edit quizzes

How do I remove the quiz?

To remove the quiz from inside the Live Stream, click on the trash icon and press Yes at the pop-up to confirm the action.

Remove the quiz

Why is the Quiz tab not showing inside my Live Stream?

If the Polling tool is enabled and you can not see the Quiz tab displayed inside the Live Stream, you might want to check the Live Stream's details.

Go to Webinar > Live Stream > Details > scroll down until you see the Hide quiz checkbox. Press Edit and uncheck the box, and click End to save the changes.

Hide quiz checkbox

How do I see the answers?

To check the attendees' names and their respective answers go to the Submissions tab:

Submissions tab

How can I show the quiz results to the attendees?

In the Live Stream, results are shown in real-time by clicking on the Leaderboard tab. It will display the top 10 attendees based on the number of right answers and their speed time.

If you would like to project results on a screen, you can use the TV Mode or Big Screen.

TV Mode or Big Screen

To learn more about content projection, access the Content Projection article.

How do I generate a report?

To generate a report follow these steps:

  1. Select the Quiz you wish to extract from
  2. Click on Edit on the top right corner
  3. Press Report on the top left
  4. An excel sheet containing the Quiz information will be sent to your email
The following columns are related to the questions asked and the respective attendee's answers.

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