Webinar - Configuring your Live Stream

This article teaches you how to choose the settings for your Webinar Live stream, this implies what the participants will see when they are connected during the live event.

How to set up the Webinars?

To set up your webinars, go to Webinar > Live Stream > Setup.

The Setup tab contains the configuration settings for your webinar. Here, you will be able to change your webinar's name, add a translation, choose a room video mode, select a room host, etc.

Webinar > Live Stream > Setup

Choosing your Room Video Mode

Your Room Video Mode by default will be Live Studio. However, you will be able to change it if you want to. Your other room video mode options are:

Click here for further information.

The Live Studio room video mode is recommended for streams under two hours while the RTMP streaming is recommended for streams that exceed two hours. 

To learn how to select a video provider and a low latency endpoint for your webinar, please check this article.

Room video latency

Even though the Live Studio will allow speakers to interact with users, they will experience latency in the Live preview, as is standard with live streaming technology.

Currently, we offer Mux as the video provider which has standard latency (20-30 seconds) and low latency (10-15 seconds) to choose from.

room video latency


The dial-in feature allows speakers to join the webinar online from their phones. This option is useful for the ones who do not own a computer, do not have a microphone or speaker on their computer, or do not have access to a Wi-Fi network at the moment of the session. Click here if you wish to learn more about it.

Dial in feature

Setting a room host

You can select who will be the host of the room. The host will need to be in the room to start the Live Studio stream and ensure that the session is being recorded. The host can be anyone from your attendee list

Setting a room host
Whoever is set as a room host will have admin permissions for this webinar. Please review the event access permissions FAQ to learn more.

Room recording

InEvent allows you to download any type of live broadcasting you created and use it to promote your webinars. Tick the checkbox to enable room recording.

Room recording

Setting the maximum number of presenters

All administrators when entering a session can enable the camera and microphone, if you want to define the maximum number of administrators who will have that access in that room, just enter the amount in the Maximum number of presenters in the room field.

Setting the maximum number of presenters

Speech to text transcription

By using our Speech to Text Transcription feature, you’ll be combining both speech recognition and live translation, which means your online events will now have real-time subtitles during your sessions.

Click here for further information on this feature.

Audio interpretation

You can select between two audio interpretation providers:

Livestream with Live Studio

To enable this, tick the checkbox and click here to learn more about streaming with Live Studio.

Livestream with Live Studio

Access policy

By default, the access policy is set to Yes. So the attendees will be able to join activities before their start time and after their end time.

If you wish to change these settings, click on Edit and select one of the options in the drop-down menu. Press End to save the changes as displayed in the gif below:

gif showing how to change the access policy settings

Attendance Tracking

To set up attendance tracking on your Live Stream, read this article

Interactions in the backend

You will be able to see attendees' interactions in the backend by pressing these links:

Interactions in the backend

Settings tab

The Settings tab allows you to configure your activities by controlling the visibility of the following fields in your activity:

  • General Settings
  • Tab Visibility

General Settings

The following features can be controlled from the General settings:

General Settings

  • Video Player look and feel: When you click on the button Click here to edit, it will lead you to the page that allows you add, change or remove the Player Idle image of your Live Stream.
Player idle image
  • Interaction notifications: If you enable this, users will receive an automatic notification about interactions added to this activity.
  • Raise Hands: If you enable this, users will be able to click on the Raise hands icon during this session. If you wish to activate this function for the Breakout room created within the Session, click here to learn how.
  • Robert's Rule of Order: This feature is dependent on the Raise hands feature to function. The Raise hands feature must first be enabled, to have it appear. Click here, to learn more about Robert's Rule of Order.

Tab Visibility

You can configure the visibility of the following tabs that appear on the right menu of your Live stream :

Tab Visibility

  • Hide chat: It will hide the Chat tab in the Live Stream.
If you enable the option Hide chat, the public chat the users use to communicate with each other will disappear, but the private chat will still be available in the room for speakers, admins, staff, and room hosts.
  • Hide questions: It will hide the Questions tab in the Live stream in the Virtual Lobby.
  • Hide poll: It will hide the Polling tab in the Live stream.
  • Hide quiz: It will hide the Quiz tab in the Live Stream.
  • Hide people: It will hide the People tab from users in this room. Admins and speakers will still be able to see the tab.
  • Hide files: It will hide the Files tab in this activity in the Live Stream.
  • Hide breakout rooms: It will hide the Breakout room tab in the Live Stream.


To learn all about adding files to your Live Stream, read this article.


To learn all about downloading your Live Stream recordings, read this article

Breakout rooms

To learn all about creating Breakout rooms for your Live Stream, read this article.

How do I extract a report?

If you wish to generate a report, press Edit in the top right, and click Report.

Extract a report

Once you click the button, a message will appear at the top of the screen, warning you that you will receive the file with the data in your email when the process is complete.

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