Itinerary with Personalized Messages

This feature helps organize the logistics (or any information) of attendees attending your event. It enables organizers to send attendees logistics and travel information (or any other type of specific information). Event Organizers can then upload information regarding attendees' flights, hotel rooms, or transfers onto the platform.

Additionally, the in-app tab named Itinerary explains the event instructions for attendees, letting them know details of when and where to arrive for the event, lodging information, and their transfers. The organizer can upload this information using the attendee's spreadsheet in admin mode on the platform. Additionally, with the spreadsheet, organizers can include individualized information for each attendee.

How do I Insert unique information for each person?

There are two options for entering this information on the platform.


 You can send information one by one, individually, through the InEvent platform.

To do this, click on People > Attendees, then click on the Edit button in the top right corner.

Screenshot of the steps People > Attendees.

Click on the desired person, and a window will open on the right side of the screen, which displays the person's information.

Screenshot of the attendee selected.

In the details window to the right, scroll down to Intro/Message/Itinerary.

To send the message, you must fill in the information regarding the Itinerary/Logistics and click on the End button in the top right corner to Save.

Screenshot of the  Intro/Message/Itinerary on the attendee's profile and the End button.
Insert in bulk through a spreadsheet.

You can send messages to everyone using an imported spreadsheet.

To do this, you will need to download the default file of attendees in   People > Attendees > Edit

Screenshot of People > Attendees.

Then, click on the Import button in the upper left corner and then on the Download our demo file.

Screenshot of the import spreadhseet page

The default file is in an Excel spreadsheet that organizers must fill in and then import back onto the platform. All information you enter is automatically updated whenever you import a new file with attendee information.

To send a message to all attendees, you have to fill in the column asking, What exclusive message should this person receive?  in the spreadsheet. 

Hint: You can copy, paste, or drag down the cell to help replicate the messages.

Screenshot of the message field on the spreadhseet.

Once you have entered the information, you need to import the excel sheet onto the platform. To do this, click on the Import button, press the green folder button, choose the excel file, and then click on the blue Analyze button.

Screenshot of the steps import spreadsheet > import > end.

In this window, you can double-check that all the information in your spreadsheet matches the InEvent Property. You can choose to leave some fields empty.

InEvent properties

Once you have completed the import, a message box will confirm the import of the excel sheet. Click End in the top right corner to finish editing. See Gif below:

import finished

For more information on importing and exporting spreadsheets, click here: Import / Export Spreadsheet.

How will the user view the itinerary in the app?

To view the Itinerary in the app, Press the Menu tab, then in the Event field, press Itinerary. The user can then view the event Itinerary you sent for them. 

itinerary from the user perspective

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