Content Projection

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Content Projection

Enhance interaction with your audience and project responses, comments, poll results, and posts from your app feed into your event. 

Video Summary

Currently, the InEvent Platform has two forms of projection: 'TV Mode' and 'Big Screen'

TV Mode

If you choose TV Mode, you will see the question screen, feed or forum with the name of the participant who posted the information, in addition to the votes received and share actions. Polls will be displayed with the name of the activity to which they are linked.






In addition, it is possible at any time to change the presentation of what is being displayed by clicking on the company logo in the upper left corner and selecting the desired option on the button.

Big Screen

You can use the big screen function to show the content of the Poll and Question screen.

As shown below:

Quiz big screen- 

Questions big screen -  

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