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With a business account, you can have multiple administrators accessing the Apple Store to make changes and updates. Apple store is very rigorous when opening business accounts. They not only request new documentation but also contact your business for verification.

To open a Developer account in the Apple Store, the store itself requires that the account must be opened by an Apple device. An Apple device (iOS) is required to perform the two-factor security operation.

How long will it take for the app publishing process to be completed?

The app publishing process can take up to 40 days to be completed.

When opening an Apple ID Business account in the United States the process will take up to 10 days.


There is an annual 99.00 US dollars of charge. They require an international credit card and the card holder's name must be the same as the account being created. Click here for further information on the payment process.

Step by step

  1. Create an Apple ID

Click on the link below and create your apple account ID:

Create an Apple ID

Create an Apple ID
Create an Apple ID 2
Create an Apple ID 3
Create an Apple ID 4

Then, you should accept the statement below:

Accept the statement

  1. DUNS number

You will now retrieve your DUNS Number. This is a code that identifies companies for international commercial trade.

To learn more about the DUNS number or to acquire a DUNS number, Click here

When you have your DUNS number continue this process:

Click on this link if you already have an Apple ID created.  

DUNS number

Please make sure to complete the fields above correctly. You will then receive an email.

 Confirming the DUNS number by email

After confirming the DUNS number by email, you can carry on with the process. Remembering that you can contact for difficulties with the official support by email:

  1. Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

As you log in, you will be redirected to this page where you can edit your information:

Page where you can edit your information

Then, you will begin your two-factor authentication:

Two-factor authentication

How to turn on two-factor authentication
With two-factor authentication and an Apple device, you have the option to generate a recovery key to help improve account security. If you need to reset your password, you can then use your recovery key to regain access to your Apple ID. Click here to learn more about it.
  1. Payment

With two factor activation enabled, just go to the Apple Developer website in the account section, log in, and access security:

Apple Developer website in the account section

Then select Join the Apple Developer Program:

Join the Apple Developer Program

Click Enroll in the upper right corner,


Confirm that you have all the information requested to proceed with the process, then click on the Start your Enrollment button at the bottom of the page.

Start your Enrollment

In Entity Type choose Company / Organization, then click Continue.

Company / Organization

Then, select the option I am the owner/founder and have the authority to bind my organization to legal agreements and fill in the field with your corporate email.

 I am the owner/founder and have the authority to bind my organization to legal agreements

Fill in the information below with the DUNS Number that was previously generated, and then click Continue

 I am the owner/founder and have the authority to bind my organization to legal agreements

And finally, you'll be able to fill in your credit card information and complete your Apple Store payment.

Complete your purchase

After entering the payment information with an international card, Apple will send you an email confirming your purchase and guaranteed access.

Official Apple Support

For official support from Apple itself in this operation, simply access the Support site, select the subject that is having difficulty:

Official Apple Support

Membership and account

Support is provided via Email or Phone (with 1min of waiting for connection during business hours):

Support Apple Store

Worldwide telephone support

Additional information

If you can not enable Two-Factor Authentication by your computer, you can perform the iPhone activation procedure. 

To perform the procedure, simply click on Settings > Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes, and App Store account name > Click on Password and Security, and finally, you'll be able to activate the two-step authentication.

During the iOS Apple submission, you may receive multiple requests to login into your account, both from the Apple push notification system or by SMS. These are expected and you don’t need to worry about it, it can be safely ignored.

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