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With a Custom Domain you can create a website through InEvent's platform onto another website of your preference. 

How to configure a Custom Domain

To configure the Custom Domain at the company level you need to the Company administration screens and select DETAILS > EDIT > find the 'ALLOW NON-ENCRYPTED CONNECTIONS' option and TICK the checkbox. Choosing this option, you are linking the event`s official website to any other connection, encrypted or not, making it accessible to any domain.

You can also setup a custom domain at the EVENT LEVEL by navigation to EVENT > DETAILS > EDITCUSTOM DOMAIN or at the EVENT LANDING PAGE LEVEL by navigating to MARKETING > LANDING PAGES > PAGES.

Next, go to EVENT, on the left menu bar, then select the event you want and click on: EVENT > DETAILS. Then, click EDIT and CUSTOM DOMAIN. You will need to fill in the 'CNAME', with the address of the official event website with our domain: ''.

Note: You should also configure your domain's DNS for this CNAME. If you have questions, contact our Customer Success team.

Every time you access the event's website through the InEvent platform, you will see that the URL will be the same as the official website that has been linked.

How do I setup SSL encryption with my custom domain?

Step 1

First you must configure your custom domain name as described above, and then return to the section you created your custom domain and select GENERATE SSL.

NOTE: You can setup custom domain names in three distinct sections of InEvent.

Company Level: SSL settings for your custom domain can be set at the Company level by navigating to COMPANY> DETAILS > EDIT > GENERATE SSL.

EVENT LEVEL:. SSL settings can also be set at the Event level by navigation to EVENT > DETAILS > EDITCUSTOM DOMAIN > GENERATE SSL.

LANDING PAGE LEVEL: SSL can also be set at the landing page level within an event, after creating a landing page (see this FAQ), navigate to MARKETING > LANDING PAGES > PAGES and select GENERATE SSL next to the landing page your require the SSL certificate for.

Step 2


The domain configuration tool popup will appear, confirm your custom domain name is correct and click NEXT.

Confirm you have setup the correct cname records in your DNS and click NEXT.

To enable SSL for this domain, you must update your DNS records with a new TXT reocrd which will be shown on the screen, and then select NEXT.

When you click next, the TXT record will be verified, this may take up to 15 minutes for your DNS to register the new text record after you have added it.

If you see the below error message, please check you have entered the correct TXT record and waited at least 15 minutes, then select TRY AGAIN.

You will see the below success message once the TXT record is successfully verified, you may now select DONE to complete the setup.

How to force SSL encrypted connections for a Custom Domain

To configure the Custom Domain to force encryption you need to select at the company level DETAILS > EDIT > and untick the 'ALLOW NON-ENCRYPTED CONNECTIONS' option. By deselecting this option, you are forcing SSL encryption to be used, meaning the domain won't be accessible using the prefix "http" (only "https").

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