Events & Webinars Directory

The directory gathers information of all available events/webinars, facilitating navigation and access to the attendees. You can additionally check page hits, highlight events, and customize the website domain.

How do I enable the directory for my event/webinar?

To enable the directory, access the company tools by clicking Account > Tools, then towards the top right corner of the platform press the Edit button. Scroll down and in the Registration section tick the Directory check box, as shown in the image below:

Screenshot account > tools > directory

Click the End button in the top right corner to save the changes.

How do I set up the directory?

Once activated, a new tab named Directory will be available in the menu under the Account section. By clicking Directory you will be able to see all events from your company.

Screenshot account > directory

How do I access the website configuration?

Click on the blue arrow (pull out) icon, on the left side by the scroll bar to open the Website configuration.

how to access the website configuration


At the website configuration you can edit the website sections. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Press Edit
  2. Under the Sections title, use the drop-down box to choose a section.
  3. Press the blue + Section button to add a section.
    how to use section feature on website configuration
Sections options
  • Changing the order in which the sections appear: You will need to drag the dotted icons next to the section's name.
  • Hiding sections from the menu bar of the website: Click on Edit, then click on the settings icon next to the section's name and a pop-up window will open. Disable the Visible on menu bar option and press Save.
  • Changing the section label: Click on Edit, then click on the settings icon next to the section's name and a pop-up window will open. Type the new name under the Section label and press Save.
  • Deleting sections: Click on Edit, then click on the settings icon next to the section's name, and a pop-up window will open. Press Remove.

Font style

Also, on the Website Configuration tab, you can customize your website font style. To do so, under the Font Style section, click on the drop-down bar and choose the font that better fits your website.

Font style


You can choose the color of your page by entering the hex code of the color you would like to have. You can ask Google what hex code represents each color. For example, blue is #0000FF.

For contrast reasons, the only color that will not be accepted as the Bar color is white (#FFFFFF).


Once inside the directory, you can change its template. Click on Switch towards the top right corner of the screen to choose from the available templates.

switching templates on directory
To view your website, click on Preview at the top of the page.

Why some of my events aren't being displayed in the directory?

For events to appear in the directory, they must be Public and Visible. Also, the event must not have started.

To configure the event's start date, its visibility, and its privacy settings, check this article.

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