Custom Forms

Updated 1 month ago ​by Sebastian Lastra

In the InEvent platform, it's possible to set custom forms and collect information about your attendees on any subject. The form can be open(no login needed to answer) or closed(only logged in attendees can answer). Just share the link of the form so the attendees can answer it, and all the answers are available to export. 


How to create a Custom Form

In the top menu, go to MARKETING > REGISTRATION > CUSTOM FORM. Click the Add form button.

Give the form a title and then press the blue CREATE button.

How to add questions to the form

   Choose the form, click on it and after click on the +ADD QUESTION button. Define the question and select the type of answer then press the blue CREATE button.

What type of answers are available 

 There are ten types of answers:

  •  “YES OR NO”
  • “GRADE FROM 0 to 5”,
  • “PLAIN TEXT” (where you are permitted free typing)
  •  “OPTIONS LIST”, (where the attendees can choose between different options),
  •   "BRAZILIAN CPF FIELD", (numbers only)
  • "DATE / TIME",
  • "NUMERIC".

How to include different options of answers

Go to MARKETING > REGISTRATION > CUSTOM FORMS Click on the 'form' name.

To include the different Options of answers, Click on the EDIT button in the top right corner. Then click on the name of the question.

A new window will appear on the right side. 

Press the OPTIONS tab and then press the blue button with the + (plus) icon, to add a new option.

Type your options for the answer in the designated language field then press the blue CREATE button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum limit of questions in the Custom Form?

 No, there is no limit of questions.

How can I check the answers of the form?

Access the form through the path MARKETING > REGISTRATION -> CUSTOM FORM, click the form and then click on the “REPORT” button towards the top left of the screen. A blue label will be shown, and then click the "Download" button. Then, click the download button next to the desired report.

Is it possible to send a confirmation mail after the attendee has answered the form?

Yes. After selecting the desired form, click the "Edit" button, then in the field named: "Action to execute after the form is finished:" 


change the setting from'NO ACTIONS' to 'SEND EMAIL' using the drop down box. To learn how to create emails follow this link:  E-mail creator

Can I set a close date to answer the form?

Yes. After accessing the form, click the "Edit" button and change the field "Close Date" to the desired date and time.

Q: Is it possible to answer the form without logging in?

 Yes, just set the form to public. Select the form, click on the 'EDIT' button, and then check the 'PUBLIC' box in the top-left corner.

How do I create content mask on a custom form?

Using this function, it is possible to choose the information format (per characters) that the participants must use when registering at the event, when purchasing tickets, when accessing the app, among other possibilities. To learn more about it, click here.