How can I create ads ?

Updated 1 month ago ​by Taís Hamamoto

You may also enable sponsors to feature their organization's Ads. To do so, go to the ADS tab and click on + NEW AD. To add a new ad to the sponsor press the red tab with the icon of the file.

Here you must determine the importance of this ad in relation to the other ads of other sponsors, you must also inform how this ad will appear in the application and inform the destination URL when the participant clicks on the advertisement.

In the IMPORTANT dropdown menu, you can prioritize the sponsor's Ad importance. The higher the level of importance, the more it will appear throughout your event, and the opposite for less important Ads.

DESTINY LINK enables an external link to be placed on the picture of the sponsor that links to a specific website, such as the sponsor's own domain.

The box marked MAIN enables the Advertisement to appear on the event's details page.

The box marked SPLASH indicates whether the Ad should appear as a full screen when viewers see it on the App.

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