Live Analytics

All information is compiled in real-time.

Track various types of information and controls in real time. This feature presents a variety of information so that you can carry out your decision making and process improvement. This functionality also makes it possible to analyze ROI, post-event information and more!

The Analytics Menu

The Analytics Menu includes a Live Dashboard (see below for more information), a Custom Reports builder that allows you to build your own custom reports, your personal Import Center which includes records of imported data and any import error messages and the Report Center which includes a record of all requested report downloads.

Menu overview

How to view the Live Dashboard reports

To access your event information click Analytics and then select Live Dashboard

See the app accesses during the event, beacons information and activity-related questions.

Analytics > Live dashboard

Live Dashboard

To navigate through the Analytics/Reports use the menu on the left side as outlined in the image below.

Analytics Menu

  • Event - Shows you an overall analytic view of your event
  • Feed - Shows the posts and overall engagement in the event
  • Admin - Shows the data from all admins and their individual ranking.
  • Sponsors - Shows the data collected on the sponsors - You can export the data of each sponsor by pressing Data Collector under the Sponsors tab. Then using the drop down bar, choose a sponsor and then press the Export button.

Data collector

  • Activities - Here you can see the overall feedback, questions, comments and polling stats. To see the Individual activity report, click on the drop down bar and choose an activity.


Event Analytics Glossary

Event Screen Overview

The Event analytics summary screen will provide you a summary of live and general attendee data.

The fields you will see in the summary section are:

  • All Downloads - the total amount of App downloads.
  • Captured Date - the total number of data points captured from users.
  • Enrolled Peopled - how many people are enrolled in the event.
  • Live People - how many are currently logged into the App.
  • Engagement - how many enrolled people have engaged with the App.
  • Online People - number of logged-in users accessing the website right now.
  • Confirmed People - attendees that have confirmed they will attend the event.
  • Checked-In People - attendees that are currently checked-in to the event using accreditation (ie. QR Code or NFC) and have not checked-out.
  • All badges printed - the number of physical badges that have been printed.
  • All badges scanned - number of QR codes scanned.
  • App download - number of App downloads by device type (iOS or Android).
  • App access during the event - number of times attendees accessed the event at specific points of time.

Email statistics provides information about your:

Quota - number of emails available to send.

Sent - number of emails sent.

Opened - number of emails opened by attendees or leads.

Link clicks - number of links clicked within opened emails.

Email bounces / Spam Complaints provides information about;

Clean emails - emails delivered without issue.

Hard bounces - emails that were not able to be delivered due to incorrect addresses or non-existent domains.

Spam complaints - emails marked as spam by the receiving party or their email provider or spam solution.

Data captured - can be; active (user provides data), passive (user data captured automatically such as operating system data of phone) and screen changes (number of time users interact by changing screens).

Origin of access - where traffic came from, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, or email.

Usage of tags - tag data points.

Distribution of privacy between users - users that have chosen to note share their profiles with other users (private accounts) and public accounts (sharing with other users of the event).

Feedback submitted - attendee generated feedback.

Social Messages Sent - Direct Messages (to attendees from the organization), Activity announcements (messages sent for activities), list announcements (messages sent to lists), general announcements (messages to all attendees), tweets with hashtag (number of tweets with registered hashtag).

Questions sent - number of questions sent by attendees.

General engagement of the app during the event - This value is calculated based on past reports and on our successful cases. The engagement is calculated as: Collected data / Number of users The maximum engagement occurs when there are 90 or more data points collected per user.

Feed screen overview

Information regarding the feed in the event app

  • Posts created - How many posts created by attendees and admin
  • Likes - How many likes given on all posts
  • Shares - How many posts have been shared
  • Medias - How many images, gifs or videos have been uploaded to the feed.

Time line showing posts in the app:

This screen will also share information on the most engaged posts and users.

Admin screen overview

Here you can track your administrators, view most visited pages and which administrator has engaged the most.

To track the administrators, click on Data from all admins then choose the administrators name from the drop down list to view their page navigation through out the platform, accompanied by dates & times.

Admin dat

Users screen overview

In the users screen you have an overall look at the networking feature, previewing the stats of synchronized contacts, messages exchanged and total favorites made.

You can view bar charts presenting favorite stats, contact stats and most engaged users.

The Stats of messages show:

  • Sent messages
  • Seen messages
  • mutual contact messages
  • mutual favorites messages

Connection screen overview

Once you interact with a fellow attendee using the networking tab on your event app, they will become a connection. The administrator has the ability to view a spider web connection screen to see an overlook of how many connections were made at their event.

You can click on each attendee to open the side bar menu, which lists the number off attendees they have connected with.

Leader board screen overview

The leader board shows the most engaged attendees using your event app. To view each attendees navigated pages, click on Data from all users and choose the attendees name from the drop down box.

Sponsors screen overview

Once you have set up sponsors in your event, you can view the statistics here, to understand more about sponsors Click Here

You can create advertisements for your sponsors which will be available in the app, you can also link the sponsor profile to their website. These statistics will help you understand the amount of clicks and views each sponsor has received.

Click on Data from all sponsors and choose the sponsor from the dropdown bar to view individual statistics.


Click on Ads to view the number of views and clicks each Advertisement has received.

Data Collector screen overview

To learn more about the Data collector Click Here

Activities screen overview

The Activities screen gives you a statistical overview of interactions within your activities such as Questions and feed backs.

Click on Data for all activities and choose an activity to see the individual statistics for each activity.

Using the menu to the left, you can then browse through the interactions:

  • Feedback
  • Questions
  • Forum
  • Polls

Click on an interaction, then at the top of the screen, choose the activity to see the interaction performed by each user.

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