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Add the places of the activities taking place inside the Agenda, making it easier for your users to search in the app.

How to add a Place

To add a new place click, 'AGENDA'>'PLACES'

Click on '+NEW PLACE' then fill out the information in 'Place Name' and optionally you can add info on the category of the place. Once you have entered the information, click on the blue 'CREATE' button.

How to add a Place to an Activity

To add a place on to an Activity press 'AGENDA'>'ACTIVITIES' and in the top right corner press 'EDIT'

Click on the activity name on the left side.

Then in the window marked 'DETAILS' on the right, under the word 'PLACE' press the drop down box to choose one of the places you added earlier. Then press 'END' in the top right corner to finish editing the activity.

How to delete a Place

To delete a place, press 'AGENDA>'PLACES' Then press the 'EDIT' button on the top right.

Tick the check box for the activity you would like to delete then in the top right corner a 'REMOVE' button will appear. Press the remove button to delete the place.

Then press 'END' to finish editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i change the name of a place i created?

You cannot edit a place you have created. You must delete the old place and then create a new one. Do not forget to link the new place with your activity as detailed above.

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