Scheduled meetings in the Virtual Lobby

Attendees will be able to see a list of other attendees and their information about who is present at the event. They can select another attendee among those at the event to connect with and open a group room to begin a private or public discussion. Attendees will also be able to schedule 1x1 meetings with other participants.

Activating Meetings in the Virtual Lobby

To enable this option, go to Event > Virtual Lobby. Click on Edit, and tick (to enable) or untick (to disable) Meetings.

For the Meetings feature to work, you'll need to enable Networking as well. By enabling Networking, the list of the attendees who are present in your event will be displayed on the main page of the Virtual Lobby and the participants will be able to decide with whom they would like to meet up. Click here for further information on Networking.

The Meetings feature will only work if Profile Lock is disabled. To make sure this feature is disabled, still, on the page mentioned above (Event > Virtual Lobby) look for Profile lock. If it says Yes, press Edit and unselect the checkbox on the right-hand side.

See an example below of how your Virtual Lobby settings should look like.

Using the Meetings feature in the Virtual Lobby

To network with other attendees, scroll to the bottom of the Virtual Lobby homepage on the right-hand side. All active attendees of your event will be listed here. To search for an attendee, simply use the search function on the left to find a specific attendee.

When you have found the person you wish to connect with, click on their name. A pop-up will display the attendee's details, and allow you to connect with them via message or a video call.

When you select Ask to meet (camera icon), you will be taken to a screen that will ask you if you would like to Meet now or Schedule Meeting.

Meet now

Click here for further information on this kind of video request.

Schedule meeting

  1. If you select Schedule meeting, you will be taken to a new screen for you to select the best day and time for your meeting.

  1. Once you select the best day and time, you will be taken to a screen where you should define the meeting's topic and press Confirm Booking.
  1. Once you confirm your booking, you will see the screen shown below.

Will the person I invite for the meeting receive a notification?

Yes, both you and your invitee should receive emails with the meeting details.

Your invitee should also receive a notification in the Virtual Lobby.

If they click on View meeting, they will see the meetings' details with information such as the meeting's topic, date, and information about the person who created the meeting.

How do I view all my meetings?

All your meetings will be displayed on the main page of the Virtual Lobby.

But you can also visualize your meetings by going to My Agenda > Meetings.

Inside the meeting's room, both participants will be able to enable their camera and microphones to begin a discussion, besides having the capability to screen share.

Dedicated page for meetings

If you wish to have a dedicated page for scheduled meetings in the Virtual Lobby, you should make sure that the correspondent tab is set to visible in order for the option to be displayed on the left-hand side menu.

Click here for further information.

How do I cancel a meeting?

You can cancel a meeting by pressing the Cancel Meeting button in the email you received with the meeting details.

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