Is it possible to send a ticket to another person?

Updated 2 months ago ​by Bruno Trevisan Policelli

Yes, it is possible. You need to go to the event’s website and click on MY ACCOUNT.

The website will display your event’s account, showing the forms, your agenda, your tickets and your app.

Click on MY TICKET

It will show you a complete view of all your tickets, and you can group by tickets or by payment.

Choose the ticket you want to send to someone else and click on SEND INVITE

A window will open and you can add the invitee’s name and email address. After, click SEND

The person will receive the invite and to get the ticket, they need to press CONFIRM PRESENCE.  

Your invitee will be redirected to the registration form. After filling it in, they will receive the confirmation email, with the ticket, information about the event and all the information the event organizer has added to this email.

You will be able to see that the ticket now has an “owner”:

It is possible to resend and even cancel the ticket by clicking in one of the buttons shown below. When you cancel the invite, the person will receive an email stating that the invite has been canceled. The cancellation is only possible if the invitee hasn’t confirmed.

It is also possible to set a ticket as yours. To do so, click on the button SET AS MY TICKET

Your ticket will have your information