How to enroll attendees to activities

Updated 3 months ago ​by Peter Grant

There are numerous possibilities to register participants in their activities. See the options below followed by a step-by-step guide and find out which one is best for you!


To insert participants into an activity via spreadsheet, in the Menu you will need to go to PEOPLE > ATTENDEES.

In the upper left corner you will see all the activities of your event, click on the one you want and then press EDIT > IMPORT > Download demo file.

You will be able to insert all participants information in the demo spreadsheet.

To upload the spreadsheet just click EDIT > IMPORT > Green fold icon > Select File> press IMPORT > END

Run bulk operation

On the ATTENDEES page, you will press EDIT and the select the checkboxes of the attendees you wish to assign to an activity.

In the new window on the right, click ADD TO ACTIVITY and enter the name of the activity you want to move the participant to. Then,  just click on the blue button RUN BULK OPERATION > RUN > END.

Choice of activity via registration form


You can make your event schedule available on the registration form. For more information on how to configure this functionality, click here.

Once configured, your event attendees will see a calendar section after entering the general registration form data.

Here's what the preview will look like:

Manual registration by attendee's agenda

It is possible for the admin to access an attendee's calendar and define the activities to be subscribed to.

In order to do this, access the menu PEOPLE > ATTENDEES.

Select the attendee and in the tab on the right side click on the calendar icon.

On the new page, click EDIT > ADD ACTIVITY > select na activity from the available list > click on the “+” icon and press END.

Manual registration via platform

To enroll participants in activities through the platform you will need to press PEOPLE > ATTENDEES. Then, click on the activity of interest and in the ADD PERSON field at the top left of the screen and search for the user you want to subscribe to the activity in the search field and press ADD.

You can also enroll a person in an activity by creating a new attendee inside the activity:

To do so, click on the activity of interest and in the ADD PERSON field at the top left of the screen and then press ADD NEW PERSON, fill in the required fiels and finish by pressing CREATE.

Choice of activity by participant via app

The participants can also choose the activities that they would like to enroll during the event.

See the step-by-step below:

In the app, the user must click on "General Agenda". Then, on the activities page, he can scroll and decide which activity he would like to subscribe to and click YES to confirm registration.

Other ways to enroll attendees in activities

  1. Through custom lists you can subscribe your event participants to the activities. Learn more here
  2. Another way is to sign up via the My Account page if you provide this possibility for your event attendees. Learn more here