Agenda management

​In the agenda you can add all activities, lectures and sessions of the event. The number of activities is unlimited and you can add in each of them information about location, speakers, sponsors, exclusive materials and even build content tracks for your participants.

How do I create an activity?

  1. Manually

Go to Agenda > Activities then click on the button in the upper left + Add activity and insert info such as: title, start and end time, location, and visibility. Press Create.

create an activity
  1. Via spreadsheet

You can also upload your agenda via spreadsheet, all activities at once. Go to Agenda > Activities > press Edit > Import and download demo file.

It is possible to fill in the name, description, address, location, start and end time, number of vacancies among other information. people, whether it is an open activity or not, whether it should be highlighted and which tags are related to this activity.​

Once the spreadsheet is all filled in, click on the green button with the folder icon and next press Import.

To add various speakers/sponsors via spreadsheet, add the names separated by a comma (,).

I can't seem to upload activities via spreadsheet. Why is that?

Click here to check the most common errors when importing activities to the agenda.

How do I edit an activity?

Go to Agenda > Activities > Edit > select the activity you would like to edit. You should be able to edit:

Name, date, description and local

  • Name, start and end time.
  • Description.
  • Place: click here to learn how to create places.


  • Number of vacancies: how many people you would like to be able to enroll in this activity.
  • Number of people present.
nombre de poste vacant

Setting up virtual rooms

  • Virtual room: you should check this box if your activity is happening online.
  • Room cover: you can upload a room cover image.
  • Room video mode: click here to check our room video modes.
  • Room host: here you should define who is going to be the room host. Click here to learn the room host's permissions.
  • Room recording: you should check this box if you'd like your activity to be recorded.
  • Number of presenters: how many presenters you would like to have in the room. The maximum is 17.
  • Speech to text transcription: the transcription will be generated automatically on the language of your preference. You will be able to select the speech language and a translation option language.
  • Live stream with Control Room: instead of using WebRTC for the attendees live streaming, we will use HLS for a more reliable broadcast of your content to the attendees devices.
  • Follow up session: if you want to send your viewers to the follow up session.
  • Ask for feedback when leaving: if the activity has a feedback form, a pop-up will be shown when leaving the session.

Click here to learn how to set up your online activities.

Access policy

Define whether you would like the attendees to be able to join activities before their start time and after their end time.

Join sessions before starting

If you select No, the attendees will not be able to join an activity before its scheduled start time.

If you would like attendees to be able to join a room before the activity starts, you will be given the option to decide if they should be able to join 5, 15, 30 minutes or 1 hour prior to the activity's start time.

Access policy for activities
Join sessions after ending

If you select No, the attendees will not be able to join an activity after its scheduled end time.

If you would like attendees to be able to join a room after the activity ends, select Yes.

If you would like to configure an access policy for the entire event instead of configuring it for each session, you can do so too. Click here for further information.


  • Automatic enrollment: all attendees from the event will be automatically enrolled in the activity
  • Highlighted position: the room cover will appear bigger in the Virtual Lobby.
  • Interactions notifications: notifications (questions, polling, feedback) from this activity will appear under Alerts.
  • Visible for attendees: if enabled, all the activity will be visible to the attendees. If disabled, only administrators will see the invisible activity and there will be a tag that says Invisible to let the admins know that the activity is invisible to everyone else.
  • Enrollment lock: enrollment operations will be locked and attendees will not be able to register in this activity anymore.
  • Hide chat: will hide the Chat tab in this activity in the Virtual Lobby
  • Hide poll: will hide the Polling tab in this activity in the Virtual Lobby
  • Hide questions: will hide the Questions tab in this activity in the Virtual Lobby
  • Hide files: will hide the Files tab in this activity in the Virtual Lobby

Content: speakers, sponsors, files and tags

  1. To associate activities to speakers, check this article.
  2. To associate activities to sponsors, check this article.
  3. To insert files in the activities, click here.
  4. To create trails of content using tags, check this article.
  5. To create chains between activities, check this article.

How can I remove activities?

Go to Agenda > Activities > press Edit > select the activities you would like to remove and press Remove > End.

Can I delay activities?

Yes! To delay an activity, press Edit > select the activity you would like to delay and press Delay activity > confirm by clicking Delay.

Be careful when delaying activities as it delays other activities if inputed first.

Can I extract a report?

Yes! To extract a report of all your activities, press Edit and you will see a Report button in the upper left. Click on it and you should receive an email with the report.

How can I define in which order my activities will appear to the attendees?

Our agenda respects alphabetical and numerical ordering. So, if you need to determine a specific sequence, you can make use of the following options:

  1. Numerical order: place a number in front of the activity name, such as 1) Activity name; 2) Name of the activity; 3) Name of the activity.
  2. Alphabetical order: put a letter in front of the activity name, such as A) Activity name; B) Name of the activity; C) Name of the activity;
  3. Temporal order: register the activities with sequential schedules to determine their order, such as 08:00:01; 08:00:02; 08:00:03.

Can I send a push message only to attendees enrolled in one specific activity?

Yes! Click here to learn how.

How do I create schedules for different audiences within the same event?

If you'd like to have different schedules for different audiences, you can link lists of people to activities. This way, only those on the list can see the activity and subscribe to it. To select the list, click Edit > People List and select the list you want to link.

Click here to learn more about it.

How do I save calendar activities as a PDF file?

To save activities in PDF format, you can also add an Agenda section to your hotsite and, while viewing the website in the browser on a PC, select CTRL + P on the keyboard or on the Mac, ⌘ + P and select the destination printer as Save as PDF and press Save.

Adding a hotsite section to extract Agenda in PDF will only be possible if there is a hotsite tool in the package purchased with InEvent.

How to check if the participants' agenda is full?

Go to Settings > Tolls > scroll down until the Extra section and enable Excel sheets with activities.

Download the attendee's report. In the report, find the "filledSchedule" column. The filling options are "0" and "1", where "0" means that the agenda is not yet full and "1" that the agenda is full.

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