Importing and exporting spreadsheets

You can import or export a spreadsheet that contains various types of information without having to add individual units one at a time. This article intends to teach you how to upload data in bulk through the use of a standard spreadsheet in Excel format.

How can I activate this feature?

To activate this tool, go to Settings > Tools. Click on the Start section, press Edit and toggle the button corresponding to the Import/ Export tool on.

Check the box for Import/ Export

Characteristic of the spreadsheet

When importing or exporting the spreadsheet, bear in mind that: '0' is always for No and '1' is always for Yes.

For example, when importing the agenda's activities the column H says: 'It is an open activity? Anyone can sign up?' if you type '0' the automatic enrollment will be disabled. Because '0' means No.

Or to illustrate when exporting the file to check if the participants' agenda is full, if you see '0' means that the agenda is not full yet and '1' that the agenda is full. 

How do I import data using a spreadsheet?

When importing data, you will have two options: you can either use the demo file provided by InEvent or your own spreadsheet.

Using the demo file provided by InEvent

To ensure all data is imported correctly, we highly recommend you to download and use the provided demo file, which you can then upload.

To download the demo file, go to the respective page and click on Edit > Import, and then select Download our demo file/Download demo file. The file will be downloaded to computer and you will need to fill out the required fields.

When accessing the demo file from the Attendees, Lists, or Invitees page, you need to click on Edit > Import, then select Spreadsheet as the data origin.
Download demo file

Once you have entered your data in the excel sheet, upload the file back onto the platform by clicking Edit > Import and follow the 3 steps below:

The 3 step process is specific for the Attendees, Leads, Invites, and Tickets pages. When importing a spreadsheet in other pages, simply click the green folder icon to upload the spreadsheet and the click the Import button.
  • Step 1 of 3 : Click the blue Click to upload button, select the excel file.
Analyze button

  • Step 2 of 3: Click Preview and then click on Back to navigate to Step 2. Here, select the header line number (which matches the column titles: name, username, email, etc., in your spreadsheet) using the arrows. This ensures accurate mapping of the data to corresponding fields in the platform.
The platform automatically chooses the corresponding header line number, eliminating the need for manual selection in Step 2.
Step 2 of 3

  • Step 3 of 3: Click Preview again to preview the data that will be uploaded and click on Import once done.
If there are any missing information, it will be highlighted in red at the top. When all the information has been entered correctly, green success messages will appear next to each column.
Importing the demo file

Click here to learn more about the processing time for importing spreadsheets.

When a column is not completely filled, the Not Linked (Optional) message will appear beside the column.

Not linked
If a required field is left blank, after you press Import, you will see a message informing you that your spreadsheet was uploaded with errors. If you are facing an error when trying to import your spreadsheet, make sure to check the Troubleshooting importing errors section.

Image showing the warning notification received if you import a spreadsheet with errors

Automatic attendee data updates via spreadsheet importation

InEvent facilitates automatic synchronization of imported attendee data onto the platform using auto-mapping. This means that if changes are made to specific attendee columns (such as salutation, name, role, email, password, etc.) in a row of information within a spreadsheet, and the spreadsheet is re-uploaded to the platform, the existing attendee data related to these columns for that particular row on the platform will be updated with the new information from the re-uploaded spreadsheet.

The auto-mapping feature works exclusively for the attendee spreadsheet. If any changes are made to the attendee's username within the spreadsheet, this data will be recorded as a new entry on the platform.
A gif showing how when editing the info on the spreadsheet and re-uploading it, the data on the platform changes automatically
If a row of attendee data already exists on the platform and is re-uploaded without any changes, the existing data will remain unchanged and will not be duplicated or added again.

Using your own spreadsheet

When importing attendees, invitees, and leads, you will be able to use your own file.

The file formats accepted are .xls and .xlsx.

To import your own spreadsheet, press Edit in the upper right corner, then click Import in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, click the blue button Click to upload and select the excel file you wish to import and press Preview.

Importing your own spreadsheet

The text in red will specify errors made. Missing columns will tell you all the required fields that haven't been added yet. Once you have matched all the fields, press Import.

Mapping the columns

If a column is not completely filled in all rows within the spreadsheet, the message Not Linked (Optional) will appear beside the column.

Not linked
When importing the spreadsheet, the Email form field must be linked to a column with emails in the spreadsheet. If the Usernames tool is enabled at the Company level, the Username form field must also be linked to the column with usernames in the spreadsheet.

Add new information

The import feature identifies fields in your own spreadsheet (Form Field) which are present in InEvent demo files and matches them automatically to fields InEvent is familiar with (Column Name).

Some fields are not identified because of the difference in label, you can manually add those fields and match them with fields InEvent is familiar with to ensure data is identified correctly.

To do so, click on + Add new information and click on the drop down menu, which contains fields that already exist on your spreadsheet, and select the desired field.

Gif showing how to add information in the spreadsheet when uploading

You can link a custom field from your own spreadsheet to a custom question on the Registration Form so you that data that is better interpreted and organized.

To do so, click on + Add new information and select the empty field of your choice and link it to an existing custom question.

When you have successfully linked a custom question, the message Success with a green check mark will be displayed on the right. If the linking was unsuccessful, the message Not Linked will be displayed instead.

Gif showing how to link empty fields on your spreadsheet to custom questions on the Registration Form

If you are facing an error when trying to import your spreadsheet, make sure to check the Troubleshooting importing errors section.
What is the processing time for importing spreadsheets? 

The processing time for importing spreadsheets will depend on how long your spreadsheet is, since it takes 1 second per row. For example, if you are uploading an attendee's spreadsheet containing information about 100 attendees, it should take less than 1 minute and 40 seconds.

While the spreadsheet is being uploaded, you will see a message informing you that your excel sheet is being processed:

 Excel sheet is being processed

Success message for import function

Besides this pop-up message confirming that the excel sheet has been imported successfully, you will also receive an email:

Excel sheet - Success message

In case your spreadsheet couldn't be imported, an email will let you know the error.

Error line - email notification

How do I create custom columns in the demo file?

When you create custom fields for your registration form, they will automatically appear in the demo file accessible on the Attendees, Leads, and Invitees pages.

You can also create invisible questions on your registration form which will be accessible only in the demo file and not to attendees filling the registration form. This proves handy when you want specific fields visible only to your company staff and to all event attendees. Although attendees won't see these questions during registration, you'll be able to access and answer them by downloading the demo file from the Attendees, Invitees or Leads pages and filling out the private questions

To achieve this, follow these two steps:

  1. Create a question on the registration form.
  2. Set the question as private (invisible).

After completing the previous steps, the private questions will be automatically added to the demo file as shown below:

Demo file

To fill out these question(s) for your staff, simply download the demo file, add the information in the custom columns, and upload it back to the platform.

If you need help with the process of downloading demo files and importing them to the platform, click here for more information.

Import Center

You can view the status of your spreadsheet uploads by going to Analytics > Import Center. Here, you can see both successful uploads and uploads with errors, along with the reasons for the errors.

Import center - event level

Or from the company level, by clicking on Reports > Import center. All import logs will be displayed. To check why your spreadsheet wasn't updated successfully, click on the blue button in the Actions column of the desired event. 

Import center from company level

Troubleshooting importing errors

Most common errors when importing spreadsheets

Here we list the main errors that may take place when importing spreadsheets to your event:

  1. Incorrect date or time: the main error when importing the activity spreadsheet is inserting a date or time outside of your event boundaries. To check if your event dates match with your activities go to: Event > Details > Edit.  For more information: Read Event Details.
  2. Missing table headers: this may happen when customized tabs are inserted in your registration form, or enabled at the company user tool. To solve this issue download the standard spreadsheet again and insert the data. 
  3. Attribute is a required parameter: this happens if any information that is required is missing. The mandatory fields are Name or Username. To correct this issue you should insert the missing information into the spreadsheet.
  4. Date format: errors may happen when the date entries in the spreadsheet is not recognized by the system. To solve this, ensure that the date entries are written in the format of mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss.
After the spreadsheet is imported, the date values will be displayed following the date and time format set at the Company level. For more information, refer to our Company Details article.
  1. URL not allowed to download: This error occurs when the URLs of images/logos that are not hosted by InEvent are found in the imported spreadsheet. The import system only accepts URLs of images that are stored on InEvent's server. To solve this, upload your images to InEvent first, using either the Files feature or the Photo gallery feature. Then copy the provided image links and insert the spreadsheet. This ensures that the images are hosted by InEvent and can be properly accessed during the import process.

Most common errors when importing attendees

Here we list the main errors that may take place when importing the attendee's list:

  1. Changes in the spreadsheet structure: deleting or inserting new columns or editing any of the spreadsheet’s headings makes it not recognizable by the platform. To fix it, download the Demo file and do not change its structure.
  2. Spacing at the e-mail column, formulas or special characters on the cells: when filling the e-mail column, check if any spacing or special characters like semicolons were not copied to the cell. This can also happen in other cells, when formulas are inserted (like VLOOKUP). The platform will not recognize the info and will import the file. To fix it, clean the spreadsheet (paste the values) before uploading it to the platform. Eliminate all spacing and special characters from the e-mail field. Also, eliminate special characters from the name field.  
We do not allow apostrophes as part of email addresses. So when adding emails, make sure not to add any apostrophe (').
  1. Badges and Accreditation functionalities enabled: certain plans have the Badges and Accreditation features (My QR Code, Access control, Check-in) available. These features require the filling of the Role and Company fields in the attendee’s spreadsheet. Therefore, you should disable these features at your event tools previously to the importing of the spreadsheets if you do not wish to send this info to the platform. You can also properly fill in these data when building your attendee's spreadsheet to prevent this importing error from occurring. 
  2. Confirmation e-mail disabled and no password filled at the spreadsheet: when you choose to disable the confirmation email in your event, it is necessary to set a password on the spreadsheet before importing it to the platform. This is a security measure from our side since it would not be possible for the attendees to access their individual accounts without a confirmation email or password. 
  3. Registration date of the event hasn't begun or has ended: before importing an attendee's spreadsheet, make sure to check the begin and end of enrollment date at the event details. For further information, check the event details article to learn how to set the enrollment dates.

Importing tags, sponsors, and speakers to activities

When adding tags, speakers, and sponsors to activities' spreadsheets, you can separate it by using commas.

Also when adding tags, speakers, and sponsors to activities' spreadsheets, if the provided tag, speaker, or sponsor hasn't been previously added to the platform, the system will create it automatically.

Importable spreadsheet - example

How do I export a spreadsheet?

The InEvent platform also offers an export function for you to extract data from the platform. Click here to learn how to extract and view reports.

Is it possible to have a report displaying which activities the attendee is enrolled in?

Yes, you can see all the activities in the spreadsheet reported from the Attendees and Leads page. To do that, go to Settings > Tools page and make sure you enable the Excel sheets with activities tool from the Extra section.


Once you activate this feature, you will see a column on the report sheet with all the activities, separated by a comma.

At the Leads' report, only the Attendees will have a list of activities displayed on the Spreadsheet, if the Status of the Participant is Waitlist, Invitee or Only in a List, the activities column will be empty.
Waitlist, Invitee or Only in a List

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