Importing/ Exporting Spreadsheets

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You can import or export a spreadsheet that contain various types of information without having to add individual units one at a time (such as invitations to guests, approved attendees to an event, etc.). The platform allows users to upload data in bulk through the use of a standard spreadsheet in .xls format (Excel). In this topic, we'll explain how to download the default file and import / export the data in general.

How to import data on a spreadsheet

Using our demo file

The ‘Import Spreadsheet function’ allows you to add a lot of information (such as participants, sponsors, and speakers) to the platform all at once. To show you an example, we will use it on the invitation page.

You first need to download the default file by clicking EDIT > IMPORT >  then click on the word that says "Download demo file".

**Please note the date format when editing is dd/mm/yy - hh/mm/ss but when import is complete it converts to mm/dd/yy - hh/mm/ss

Next, the file must be saved on your computer. Once you have entered your data in the excel sheet, upload the file back onto the platform by clicking EDIT > IMPORT. Then click the green button and select the excel file.

Press the blue 'IMPORT' button. 

Note 1: The excel sheet may take a few minutes to upload, you will receive a message on the platform to confirm the successful upload of the excel sheet.

Note 2: You will also receive an email confirming that your excel sheet has  been successfully uploaded to the platform.

Using your own file

Press EDIT and then click on the IMPORT button on the upper left corner.

Click the green button with the folder icon to select your completed spreadsheet.

When the green button changes from a folder icon to a checked icon, select the ANALYZE button.

Fill in the number corresponding to the line where the title of each of your columns is:

Then, map the columns by selecting the column header with its respective content. And press IMPORT.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to export a spreadsheet?

The InEvent platform contains an Export function (on pages like the Event Feedback page) . Clicking it will generate the data from the feature. However, on other functions, you need to click on "EDIT"> "REPORT" to export data.

By clicking the button, a message will appear at the top of the screen telling you that you will receive the file with the data in your email once the process is completed.

Alternatively, go to the platform's download center by clicking the "Download" button that appeared in the example above or by clicking on the tab with your name (top right bar of screen) and in the drop-down menu, click on 'REPORT CENTRE'

You will then see all the worksheets in order of their date created (most recent to oldest) of worksheets with exportable data that were requested in the platform.

To download the spreadsheet, you should look for the name of the event that you would like to export. If the side has a green strip, the data export has been completed and the download can be done by clicking the blue button in the actions column.

In the image below we have outlined where to view the green strips on the left side and the  blue download buttons on the right side.

Can I import an attendee list from another event or platform?

You first need to download the default file by clicking PEOPLE > ATTENDEES > EDIT > IMPORT >  then click on "Download demo file".

You must copy and paste the relevant data from any other platform into the demo file.

You cannot add additional columns, nor change any of the table headers, or the spreadsheet will not import.

Once you have copied your data into the demo file, you can then click on the green folder icon to select the file from your computer and then click IMPORT.

If you have trouble importing the spreadsheet, please see some common reasons for this below.

Reasons why I am unable to import my spreadsheet?

When importing spreadsheets to the platform, some errors can occur. When uploading the attendee spreadsheet, and the process is completed, you will receive an email from InEvent concerning if the spreadsheet was successfully uploaded.

Please see below the main errors when importing the spreadsheet:

Error when importing activities to the agenda: 

The main error  when importing  the activity spreadsheet is inserting an incorrect date or time. To check if your event dates match with your activities: EVENT > DETAILS > EDIT.  For more information: Read Event Details.

Error 0: Missing table headers - Download a new standard spreadsheet

This may happen when customized tabs are inserted in your registration form, or enabled the company user tool. To solve this issue download the standard spreadsheet again and insert the data. 

Error 400 : Attribute is a required parameter

This happens if any information that must be field is missing. The mandatory fields are: Name or Username. To correct this issue insert the missing information.

Error 406: Registration Date of the event hasn't began or has ended.

When importing a spreadsheet it is necessary to select a begin of enrollment date.  To modify changes: EVENT > DETAILS > EDIT. For more information: Read Event Details.