Importing and exporting spreadsheets

You can import or export a spreadsheet that contains various types of information without having to add individual units one at a time. The platform allows users to upload data in bulk through the use of a standard spreadsheet in .xls format (Excel).

How do I import data on a spreadsheet?

Using our demo file

The Import spreadsheet function allows you to bulk add information such as participants, sponsors, and speakers to the platform.

The Import button is available on pages such as Attendees, Invitees, Activities, Tags, and tickets.

Go to one of these pages, press Edit > Import >  then click on Download demo file.

Screenshot of the steps Edit > Import > Download demo file
Please note the date format when editing is dd/mm/yy - hh/mm/ss but when import is complete it converts to mm/dd/yy - hh/mm/ss

We will try to parse the wrong excel data types before throwing an error. Now, if your date visually looks fine, it will probably work;

Screenshot of the dates on spreadsheet

Next, the file must be saved on your computer. Once you have entered your data in the excel sheet, upload the file back onto the platform by clicking Edit > Import. Then click the green button and select the excel file.

Screenshot of the steps Edit > Import > Add file

Press the blue Import button. 

Screenshot of the steps Edit > Import > Add file > Import (blue button)

How do I find out if my spreadsheet was successfully uploaded?

The excel sheet may take a few minutes to upload, you will receive a message on the platform to confirm the successful upload of the excel sheet.

You should also receive an email confirming that your excel sheet was successfully uploaded.

Excel sheet - Success message

In case your spreadsheet couldn't be imported, an email will let you know the error.

Error line - email notification

Import Center

You can also access the error details by clicking at Analytics > Import Center

 The import logs will be displayed. Click on the blue button in the Actions column of the desired event. 

Please check the date and time of the logs to visualize the errors in the selected import. 

It will be displayed, among other information, the line in which the error occurred followed by its description.

How do I export a spreadsheet?

The InEvent platform contains an Export function, clicking it will generate the data from the feature. Click on Edit > Report to export data.

Screenshot of the steps Edit > Report

Click here for further information on how to extract and view reports.

Troubleshooting importing errors

Most common errors when importing activities to the agenda

  1. The main error when importing the activity spreadsheet is inserting an incorrect date or time. To check if your event dates match with your activities go to: Event > Details > Edit.  For more information: Read Event Details.

Screenshot of the steps Event > Details

  1. Error 0: Missing table headers - Download a new standard spreadsheet

This may happen when customized tabs are inserted in your registration form, or enabled at the company user tool. To solve this issue download the standard spreadsheet again and insert the data. 

  1. Error 400: Attribute is a required parameter

This happens if any information that is required is missing. The mandatory fields are Name or Username. To correct this issue insert the missing information.

  1. Error 406: Registration Date of the event hasn't begun or has ended.

When importing a spreadsheet it is necessary to select a begin of enrollment date.  To modify changes: Event > Details > Edit. For more information: Read Event Details.

Most common errors when importing attendees

When importing spreadsheets to the platform, a few errors may occur. Here we list the main errors that may take place in the attendee section:

  1. Changes in the spreadsheet structure

Deleting or inserting new columns or editing any of the spreadsheet’s headings makes it not recognizable by the platform.

How to fix it? Download the Demo file e do not change its structure.

  1. Spacing at the e-mail column, formulas or special characters on the cells

When filling the e-mail column, check if any spacing or special characters like semicolons were not copied to the cell. This can also happen in other cells, when formulas are inserted (like VLOOKUP). The platform will not recognize the info and will import the file. 

How to fix it? Clean the spreadsheet (paste the values) before uploading it to the platform. Eliminate all spacing and special characters from the e-mail field. Also, eliminate special characters from the name field.  

  1. Badges and Accreditation functionalities enabled

At Express, Advanced, and Full plans, customers have a Badge and Accreditation feature enabled at their company and event levels. Both of them require the filling of the "Role" and "Company" fields in the attendee’s spreadsheet. Therefore, you should disable these features at your event tools previously to the importing of the spreadsheets if you do not wish to send this info to the platform. You can also properly fill in these data when building your attendee's spreadsheet to prevent this importing error from occurring. 

  1. Confirmation e-mail disabled and no password filled at the spreadsheet

When you choose not to use a confirmation email at your event, it is necessary to set a password on the spreadsheet before importing it to the platform.This is a security measure from our side since it would not be possible for the attendees to access their individual accounts without a confirmation email or password. 

We do not allow apostrophes as part of email addresses. So when adding emails, make sure not to add any apostrophe (').

Importing tags, sponsors, and speakers to activities

When adding tags, speakers, and sponsors to activities' spreadsheets, you can separate it by using commas.

Also when adding tags, speakers, and sponsors to activities' spreadsheets, if the provided tag, speaker, or sponsor hasn't been previously added to the platform, the system will create it automatically.

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