Implementation Plan: the customer journey

InEvent aims to align expectations and ensure you enter into a successful journey, teaching you how to best exploit the potentials that we can offer to the maximum. This journey outlines all the interactions from when you sign the contract to your post-event feedback, and everything in between, including every touchpoint.

14-day journey
With this purpose, we have created an Implementation Plan based on a 14-day journey. The events will not necessarily be organized in 14 days. The implementation plan is just a suggestion with that time frame as an example. You should adapt the steps listed in this article according to the time available to organize your event.
Implementation plan
Before we move on, it is important to note that your journey will depend on the plan you have purchased and what is included in it. If your contract includes a project manager, all steps will follow as demonstrated in this article. If you do not have a project manager, we suggest that you contact the support team through the available channels whenever necessary, especially when going through the event setup, event build, and dry run phases.


If your plan includes a project manager, an onboarding call will be scheduled. If it does not include a project manager, you can book a support call and start your training.

During the onboarding call, the you will meet your project manager and together, fill out the onboarding form. The goal of this welcome call is for the project manager to better understand your needs, including success criteria, number of events per year and their dates, among other relevant information.

Event Setup

In the event setup phase, you should design your activities and define the event's strategy and the experience's workflow.

If you are seeking inspiration, check these successful stories from InEvent customers. The world's largest enterprises share their success with InEvent in uniquely crafted use cases around their ecosystem of technology, software, event, marketing, and partners.

To get started with your platform training, book a support call.

Event Build

Now it's time for you to prepare your agenda, build your website, create and schedule your marketing emails, confirm speakers and sponsors presence, check your room video modes and connect your integrations.

You can follow this guide to help you get started on creating your event!

During every support call, you can ask the customer success representative to update you on the notable changes and releases made to the InEvent platform. Or, you can access our announcements page that includes records of changes such as fixes, improvements, and new features.

Dry Run

To avoid possible points of failure when going live, it is crucial to have your admins, room hosts, speakers/presenters, and sponsors joining a dry run session, which will simulate the participant's experience on the day of the event.

This rehearsal should occur before the event goes live, helping to prevent and solve issues that the 20 minutes or less that speakers join you on the day of the event doesn’t allow time for. Never assume your public is tech-savvy. Make sure you test internet connection and equipment and identify alternatives and backup plans should things go south. Click here for further information.

Event Day

Our support team is available 24/7 on chat to back you up with any issues, questions, or information you may require.

If you wish to have live support, besides chat, during your event, you can hire one of our partners. A certified partner will provide the best service and support so that your event occurs in the best possible way. Click here for further information on how and when to hire a certified partner.

Post review

Once the event is over, you should review the event goals to find out whether or not they were achieved and document why. After this step has been completed, we recommend you book a support call to discuss your event, help us get a sense of your satisfaction, and identify positive and negative practices with a view to improving future performance.

On this call, we will run through your event analytics and draw insight to drive your upcoming events.

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