Support channels

InEvent customers have access to chat, email and pre-scheduled calls. For Enterprise accounts, our customer success team provides a structured customer onboarding for a smooth transition when your contract begins. Enterprise customers will also have a project manager to help with any questions through the implementation and contract life cycle.

Our service and support team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on the channels below, to assist you with the best solutions to your questions or difficulties in using the InEvent platform on a daily basis.

Official channels

screenshot of official channels

Live chat

All InEvent customers have access to our business chat during local business hours. A real person will reply to your message in less than 60 seconds to help you with your request.

How do I contact InEvent via chat?

  1. To contact the support team, simply click on the Chat icon in the bottom right corner:
screenshot of inevent live chat icon

  1. Now simply click on Send us a message and enter your questions or difficulties, and the support team will provide you with the best possible support:
screenshot of the chat

In-app chat support (only for iOS devices)

You can also reach out to us on chat using your phone. To do so, make sure you are logged in the app using your administrator profile. Once you click on Menu, you will see the Get support tab. Click on this tab and you'll be able to chat with us:

Screenshot of InEvent app > get support

Email support

Email support is also available for all customers. Enterprise accounts have a 3 business hours industry SLA guarantee. Your answers will be delivered directly to you, where you will receive detailed and thoughtful answers, based on your requirements.

How can I contact InEvent via email?

To contact our team via email through the platform, follow the steps below:

  1. On the upper right side we have a menu, where the user name is displayed (clicking on it will bring up other options), as shown below: Click on the Support email option:
screenshot of support email

Another option is to send an email directly to our official address:

Video call sessions

Video call sessions can also be booked using your internal customer dashboard to request training sessions. Standard phone numbers or any compatible video conferencing software can be used for these calls.

Our entire support is personalized, agile and efficient, so your team will be fully supported when using our software from start to finish.

How can I schedule a support call?

You can access and schedule a support call with our Customer Success Specialists in our platform.

As soon as you click on Support Calls, you can select the Customer Success agent responsible and select the time it best works for you and your team.

Please follow this Step-by-Step:

  1. On the upper right side, click on your name and there will be an option for support calls.
    Click then on Support Calls:
screenshot of support call

  1. As soon as you click on Support Call, it will take you to a new screen. This screen details the times in which the Customer Success Specialists are available for each day.
    You can select the time you wish to book a call. You can select a time slot from thirty minutes up to a three hour call.
screenshot of booking a phone call
  1. As soon as you select the time, you will be redirected to a screen to fill out your name, email and notes. There is also the option to choose between your preference of either Video or Telephone and to choose your Language.

If you have chosen to receive a video call, please be aware of video call service limitations. Zoom calls can have a maximum of 100 participants, including your Customer Success Specialist.

And finally, we have the possibility to select the duration of the call.

  1. After filling in the fields, click on the Confirm Booking button.
screenshot of confirming booking
  1. The process is now concluded. The schedule has been confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email, and so will your Customer Success Specialist. You will receive a message to add to your email calendar:
    screenshot of the thanks test message

How many support hours can I book?

Customer requirements are taken into account when creating the personalized support plan at the InEvent platform. Chat and email support is unlimited.

The table below will show you the recommended hours of training to fully understand the InEvent software and its functionalities based on the purchased plan.


Recommended Hours

Required Training


6 Hours

6 training sessions


12 Hours

12 training sessions


15 Hours

15 Training sessions


17 Hours

17 Training sessions

Can I schedule calls when on a free trial?

Yes, you can book support calls while you're on the free trial. You'll have the possibility to book up to 3 hours per week.

How can I cancel a support call?

After booking a support call, you will receive an automatic e-mail with the call details. If you wish to cancel a support call, you should click on the Click here to cancel this booking link that appears at the bottom of the confirmation email.

Booking confirmation email

A new tab will be opened in your browser, and you will be able to write the reason why you want to cancel the booking. Your support call will be canceled once you click on Confirm Cancellation.

Confirm cancellation tab image

Then, you will see a cancellation code and a confirmation message informing you that your appointment has been cancelled.

cancellation code image
Once a support call has been scheduled, it's not possible to change its time, you will need to cancel it and schedule a new meeting.

In-person training

Click here to book a call with our sales team and discover pricing for in-person training.


InEvent works with strong, skillful and certified partners to provide additional support models not covered above. Click here to check our partner center. You will be able to contact and procure partner services directly.

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