How do I report an issue?

InEvent's platform is structured in order so all features can integrate together. If minor inconveniences occur then it is recommended to create an Issue Report in order for the InEvent tech team to analyze.

With the issue reporting tool you can:

  • Ask technical questions to our developers' team
  • Report software malfunctions or malfunction on web page
  • Report software failures or malfunction on IOS
  • Report crashes or malfunction of software on android system
  • Report an error in our FAQ
When it comes to answering issue reports, our Service Level Agreements (SLA) is 24 hours for Enterprise accounts and up to seven days for all other accounts. Click here for further information about our support.

Clear cache and cookies

Before you report an issue, please clear cache and cookies since it usually fixes certain problems.

Using Google Chrome perform the following actions:

  1. Open Chrome on your computer.
  2. In the browser toolbar at the top-right next to your Google Account profile picture, click on the 3 vertical dot icon.
  3. Next, select More tools > Clear browsing data.

How to 'Clear Browsing Data' on Google Chrome
  1. In the Clear browsing data box, click the box that says Cookies and other site data and cached images and files checkboxes.
  2. Use the menu at the top (Time Range) to select the total amount of data you want to delete and from when. To delete everything, choose  All time.
  3. Click Clear Data.
How to 'Clear Browsing Data' on Google Chrome

Cleaning cache and cookies in other browsers

To clear cache and cookies in other browsers read and follow the instructions provided in the links below:

Windows Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari


How do I submit the issue report?

To report an issue you will click on Your Name in the top menu on the right side and then click Issue report.

shows where the user needs to click to access the issue report tool

Brief description

Write a brief description of the issue you are facing. Use no more than 140 characters.

Issue Report > Brief description

Types of issue reports

The platform has two types of issue reports and shown below:

Issue Report > Type


You can ask technical questions using our issue reports tool and our developers will answer you.

To ask us a question, under Type select Question, type in your question and press Report issue.

Issue Report > Type > Question

Technical issue

If minor inconveniences occur, it is recommended to create an Issue Report in order for the InEvent tech team to analyze.

Under Type, you should select Technical issue.

Issue Report > Type > Technical Issue
  1. Choose a platform: Web, Android, iOS or FAQ

The second step is to choose the platform on which you want to report the issue. Where is the error occurring?

You can select the options: Android, IOS, Android / IOS, Web or FAQ, as shown below.

In cases where the issue was found on Android or iOS, enter the name of the App under the Page link section.

When you select the issue report option, the platform will insert the web page link automatically, the page being opened at the time of the report. For example, if you open the issue report option on the event attendees page, the tool will automatically insert this link.
If you select the FAQ option, insert the FAQ link in question.

  1. Issue description

The next step will be to report what the issue is. Write as much detail as you can. Here you can insert links and images.

Issue Report > Type > Issue Description
Example: I cannot upload the spreadsheet, even without formulas in the document
Example: An error message appears at the top of the page. The error message reads: "xxxxxx"

  1. Describe in detail, the steps to reproduce

Describe step by step the actions you have taken for this error to occur, so we can reproduce the issue and try and fix it in the best way. You can detail each step and also insert links and images.

Example of description: Download the standard spreadsheet; fill in the columns name, username, email and password; upload on the platform.

Example of description: On the E-mail Log page, find the recipient and click on an e-mail sent to this participant.

Issue Report > Type > Steps to reproduce

  1. Extra information

If you want, you can also add some important extra information that was not placed in the previous fields. This field is not required.

You can, for example, right-click on the webpage and press Inspect to open the developer console.

Screenshot of how to inspect a webpage

Then, click the Console tab in the window and filter the Errors, as shown below:

Screenshot of how to inspect a webpage

Sending this screenshot will help the developers' team identify what is causing the issue.

Once you have entered all the information for your issue report, click on Report issue.

Adding extra information to the issue report

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