What to do when the event emails are blocked?

The event is all set up, you have followed the instructions to reduce the email bounce rate, and yet the account is blocked. Before setting up a new event, take a look at the next sections to make sure the Spam policy and the Master Subscription Agreement are clear.

Contact your Project Manager or Account Executive to help you understand why your account is blocked and what can be done to unblock it.

InEvent Spam policy

Our policy determines that any campaign that has a bounce rate of over 5% is considered abusive, which will be automatically blocked from our system.

InEvent does not offer any type of reimbursement or refund on accounts that have exceeded its spam rate.

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Master Subscription Agreement (MSA)

The information related to the Spam policy is included in the fifth subject matter of the Master Subscription Agreement, as well as mentioned during the Onboarding process:

MSA Spam Policy
Customers shall not use Services in any way to submit, process, deliver or engage with spam. The spam policy determines that any event that has an email bounce rate of over 5% is out of policy. Spam is considered to be any email that returns a soft bounce. Domain-wide emails, deactivated emails, locked e-mails and full mailboxes, even if internal to the organization, that return a soft bounce, are considered to be spam by the delivery system. The delivery system has a strict spam policy to deliver emails successfully, quickly and effectively. If Customer exceeds the spam policy, an automatic electronic notification will be delivered to the Customer. Access to all current and future emails for the event will be automatically shut down. Customer will not be able to send additional emails from the event, including invitations, reminders and custom emails. Previously scheduled emails will not be sent or delivered. Customer may choose to create a new event if they choose to bear the costs for the new event. Credits from the previous event will not be able to be used in the newly created event. Credits from the previous event cannot be transferred to the new event. InEvent will not bear the cost or be responsible for events that violate the spam policy. InEvent strongly recommends that only verified and checked emails are uploaded and processed.
Notice that in the agreement it is stated that credits from the blocked event cannot be used in the supposedly new event and neither can be transferred.

In this case, to create a new event the customer must purchase new credits. To learn how to purchase more credits, check the Billing FAQ.

Setting up a new event

The best way to start over and avoid the same mistakes is to set up a new event. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Set the old event as a draft to stop any more emails from being sent.
  2. Create a copy of the event
  3. Filter the invitees' list on several platforms, such as BouncerNeverbounce, or Hunter.
  4. Upload the clean list to the copied event.
If anyone has already registered for the original event, they will have to do it again.
If registration is opened to the public, the bounce rate can get affected again.

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