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If you are an event organizer and would like to have the same event structure that has been previously developed, there is a simple and easy way to do so without doing all the setup again.

This article intends to show you how to copy an event.

How do I copy an event?

  1. To copy an event, at the company level, go to Events > Events, and press Copy Event.
  2. A pop-up window will appear so you can type the Event name and the Copy source.
  3. Once you are done press Copy. A new event will be created with the same configuration as the original.
How to copy an event
The pop-up window will give you an option to choose from the event’s list that is displayed on that exact page, which means in case you have a long list of events you need to search first for that event, then you can hit the Copy Event button.
The overall information under Event > Details will be replicated, including the CSS codes and links associated, except for custom domain/email. Those last ones need to be customized specifically for each event. For more information about custom domains please click here. For custom email, click here.

Information that will be copied from the source event

As mentioned above, most of the information will be replicated. Perhaps, there are some of them you rather take a look at first to make sure you want to keep them.

Checklist of adjustments

Now that you know the data that will be copied, there are a few settings you may want to change to make sure everything will work accordingly.

Please, notice that the features' availability depends on the plan purchased.


Check the dates under Event > Details, as they are probably different from the original event.

Screenshot showing a spreadsheet import interface

Activities' date

As the copied event keeps the same dates from the original one, check also the dates for the activities. Other content within the activities will be kept, for room host and speakers please check the related sessions.

Screenshot showing a spreadsheet import interface
Depending on the template that was first used, the copied event may have those activities by default from that template, if you need more information about the templates please click here.


As expected, the list of participants is not replicated and consequently the related features such as Invitees, Waitlist, List and Leads, will also require updates. Only the admin who copied the event will appear under People > Attendees.

If you had the Meetings set up previously it will not be reproduced since the attendees are not copied.

The link tracking feature is used to track the performance of campaigns and content, but mostly the conversion rate of the registration form in a particular event. If you wish to track a link for the new event that has been created, you must generate a UTM link again. To learn how to do that, please check this article.


This feature gives customized admin access to other users to enable them to access the InEvent platform, it is a way to control what they can see or change without having full admin access. For this reason, is expected that for each event you should recreate those permissions.

Except if they have been added at the company level.


Even though the Sponsors' list will be copied, all the information contained for each Sponsor needs to be updated, such as People, Invite, Ads, Files, Tickets.

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