Assistant email

You can set an assistant/secretary email to help your attendees to get all the information about the event. If an assistant or a secretary manages your attendee's mail, you can now add their e-mail address to receive the communication of the event.

You can add this information via:

  • Attendees
  • Spreadsheets
  • Invitees

How do I add an assistant email address for attendees?

Click on People > Attendees

To insert an attendee and his assistant/secretary's email, press the +Add Person button, fill out the person's information (name and email are mandatory). Once you are done, click on the blue Create button.

Then, in the top right corner press the Edit button, and click on the attendee's name. A new window will open up on the right side. Scroll down to Assistant email. Enter the assistant email address, then click the End button in the top right corner to finish editing.

The assistant email will now appear on the attendee's column as shown in the image below.

How do I add the assistant email using spreadsheets?

You can also add the assistant email using the spreadsheet. Just download the demo excel file by clicking on Edit at the left corner and then click on Import. Then, click on Download demo file.

After the download, you will see a column called assistantEmail. You will be able to add the information at this space.

How do I add the assistant email to an invitee?

To add an assistant/secretary email address for an invitation, press People > Invitees Then click on the +Add Invitation button.

Fill in the information, including the assistant email. Then click on Create.

The image below will show you how the information will appear.

How will the information be sent out to the attendees and their assistants?

All e-mails will be sent to the two registered e-mails: to the participant and carbon copied (cc) to the assistant.

See an example below:

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