Integration with Paypal

With PayPal integration, your attendees will be able to complete their ticket purchases using PayPal from the Registration formWebsite, or My Account page.

This article will guide you on how to prepare and integrate your PayPal account with InEvent.

To integrate PayPal with InEvent, you need a PayPal account (Personal or Business) with access to the PayPal Developer Dashboard. Refer to the official PayPal page for Personal account here, Business account here, and Developer Dashboard here.

Setting up PayPal integration from the PayPal Developer Dashboard

To set up your PayPal account for integration with InEvent, complete the following steps, using the Sandbox mode as an example:

Sandbox mode is a virtual testing environment that emulates the live PayPal production environment. If you wish to use the Production mode instead, contact your sales representative.
  1. Log into the PayPal Developer Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Apps & Credentials.
  3. Click on Create App.
Screenshot showing My apps & credentials in the PayPal Developer Dashboard.
  1. Enter the details of your new app.
Screenshot showing Create new app interface in the PayPal Developer Dashboard.
  • App name: Identifier for your InEvent company or event name.
  • App type: Type of your app. The available options are Merchant and Platform.
  • Sandbox Business Account: PayPal Sandbox Business Account with which your InEvent company or event will be associated.
  1. Press Create App. You will be redirected to an overview page of your newly created app.
  2. Locate Client ID and Secret under Sandbox API Credentials. Copy these credentials as they are needed to configure PayPal integration with the InEvent platform.
Screenshot showing the App overview in the PayPal Developer Dashboard.

Integrating PayPal with InEvent

Once you have finished setting up your app in the PayPal Developer Dashboard and collected the necessary credentials (Client ID and Secret), you can proceed to integrate PayPal with InEvent. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to Integrations > PayPal from the Company level.
Integrating PayPal with InEvent from the Company level will affect all events within the same company. To configure from the Event level, navigate to Settings > Integrations > PayPal instead.
Integrating a new PayPal account from the Event level when another PayPal account is already integrated at the Company level will overwrite the Company level integration for that event.
  1. Click Edit on the top right corner of the page.
Screenshot showing the PayPal integration interface from the Company level.
  1. Insert the parameters below into the corresponding field.
    • Client ID (previously copied from your newly created PayPal app)
    • Client Secret (previously copied from your newly created PayPal app)
  2. Select your PayPal application mode using the drop-down box under Mode. The available options are Sandbox and Production.
  3. Select whether or not to use PayPal Advanced Checkout.
  • When Advanced Checkout is set to Yes, users will be prompted to fill in their payment details directly on the Purchase form page and complete their purchase without being redirected to PayPal.
To use Advanced Checkout, ensure that Advanced Credit and Debit Card Payments is enabled for your app in PayPal Developer Dashboard. For more information on PayPal Advanced Checkout, refer to the official PayPal documentation here.
  • When Advanced Checkout is set to No, users will be redirected from the Purchase form page to PayPal to complete their purchase.
  1. Press End to save your changes.
Screenshot showing a completed PayPal integration interface.

Once you have completed these steps, users will be able to select the PayPal Account payment method from the registration form, as shown below.

Paypal account

When PayPal Advanced Checkout is disabled, the user will be redirected to the PayPal page when they are ready to place their order, as shown below.

Screenshot showing the Place Order button highlighted and the Paypal login page.

When Paypal Advanced Checkout is enabled, the user will see the Credit card (Paypal) option which allows them to make Paypal payments directly on the Purchase form without being directed to Paypal's page.

The Paypal Account option which redirects users to Paypal's page for payment will still be an available option.
Screenshot showing the Paypal account payment option from the Registration form.

Currencies accepted by PayPal

For information on currencies accepted by PayPal, refer to the PayPal documentation here.

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