Attendee Center

The Attendee Center is a web area for the participant to access their calendar, forms, QRCode, and entry into their personal area.

What can I access through the Attendee Center?

My Events

The My events tab lets you view all the events that you are registered in using the same login credentials. You can access any of these events by simply clicking on them.

Participants with admin permission will be directed to the backend of any event they click on, while participants with user permission will be directed to the My Account page of the event's Virtual Lobby.
Virtual Lobby

The cover image features icons for the social network links - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram added in Event > Details. Just click on the respective icon to access each platform as shown below.
Image showing the social media icons in the cover image of My Events

My Account

The My Account area will display attendee's personal information, social media links, website, tags, and answers to the registration form questions.

Attendee's can modify their personal information by clicking on Edit. Only the Username field cannot be changed.

In the Tags field, you will see your chosen tags grouped in their categories (if available). When you click on Edit, additional tags will appear grouped in their categories for you to choose from. Uncategorized tags will be listed under Others.

On the right hand side the attendee will have the the option to:

  • Upload a profile picture by clicking on Edit, and pressing the Change button, then selecting a picture.
Click on Change button and upload a picture
  • Upload a file such as digital business cards, brochures, etc. for other users to view when networking. To upload a file, click on the UPLOAD FILE button. When uploading the file, you will be able to change the file name, then click on Create, to upload it. A download icon will appear for you to download the file once it is uploaded.
Uploading a file

To delete a file after uploading, simply click on the thrash icon beside the file.

Deleting an uploaded file
You can upload different file types such as pdfs, gifs, images, videos, excel sheets, URLs linking to valid files, etc. There is no limit to the number of files you can upload, however the heavier the file, the more time it takes to upload.
  • Download their certificate of attendance (If enabled),
  • Change password link,
  • Export user data pertaining to the event,
For more information on exporting user data, click here.
  • Frequently asked questions: access the company's FAQ (if enabled).

My account

The uploaded file(s) will be shown in the attendee's networking profile in the Networking tab for participants to download.

My files in the Networking tab

Social networks or website links added in the My Account area will be shown in the attendee's Networking profile.


My Photos

My Photos can be viewed in events that have the Photo match AI tool enabled. InEvent's Photo match AI will match your profile photo with photos in the event's Photo Gallery, and the photos you are featured in will be displayed here.

For more information, refer to our Photo match AI article.

If there is no profile picture uploaded in the My Account tab, or if your profile picture doesn't match any of the available event photos, you will see the message below:

My Photos tab

If the Event Photos tab is enabled, you can browse through all event photos from the My Photos tab by clicking on Event Photos.

My Tickets

The My Tickets area will display information about ticket purchases.

In this area, you can buy more tickets, check your ticket status, request a refund or send a ticket to another person.

My Ticket

My Agenda

The My Agenda area will display Information about the event's agenda and personal activities

Click here for further information.

My App

On this page, you should find the download link to event's mobile app.

My apps

My Forms

On this page, you will see forms created by the event organizer.

My forms

Click here for further information.

My Files

On this page, you will see all event files.

My files

Click here for further information.

How will the attendees access their accounts through the website?

When creating the event's website, it's possible to insert an extra tab for My account functionality. By clicking on it, your participant can enter his login and password to access all the personal information.

To do this, go to Marketing > Landing Pages > Website > Edit, choose the My account section > press the blue button + Section > press End to save the changes.

My account in website section
My account website
To learn more on customizing your website, click here.

How will the participants access their accounts via mailing?

In your communication emails, enter a dynamic My Account link. They do not need login and password to access, in this case.

To do this, go to Marketing > Communication > Automatic emails, select the email you want and in Dynamic links > select My account page.

My account in email creator
To learn more on customizing emails, click here.

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