My account

Updated 3 months ago ​by Peter Grant

Provide a web area for your participant to access their calendar, forms, QRCode and entry into their personal area.

What can I access through "my account"?

Attendees can view in their "my account" area:

  • Personal information, data export button, password change link, personal Qr Code and FAQ button (my account tab);
  • Information about purchase tickets (my ticket tab);
  • Event agenda and personal activities (my agenda tab);
  • Download link to event application (my application tab);
  • Custom event forms (my forms tab);

How will the attendee access his account through the website?

When creating the event website, it's possible to insert an extra tab for "My account" functionality. By clicking on it, your participant can enter his login and password to access all the personal information.

How will the participant access your account via mailing?

In your account or communication emails, enter a dynamic "My Account" link. They do not need login and password to access, in this case.