Link ticket buyers to lists

Set up which activities a type of ticket can register / participate. The InEvent platform allows you to associate custom lists to a specific activity. And you can attach an individual ticket to a particular people’s list. This way, any attendee with that ticket has, automatically, access to the activities related to the list he/she belongs to.

To link tickets to activities you must first:

  1. Create custom lists, following the steps here.
  2. Attach the lists to the activities. You can learn how to do it by clicking here.
  3. Navigate to Marketing > Tickets > Tickets on the platform.

At this third step, select the ticket you wish to connect to the specific list. Click on the blue button, far right, and then on Edit.

Screenshot of the blue button on tickets and the edit button.

A new window will open on the right side, escrow down till you find the field Assing ticket user to field. Choose the list you want to attach to this particular ticket and press End.  

Screenshot of the assign ticket user to list on the ticket's details.

Done! Now every attendee that purchases this specific ticket is assigned to the related activity.

The custom control displayed here refers only to the people who are allowed to purchase that specific ticket.

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