RSVP Confirmation

With the RSVP option, you will be able to create a simple registration form where your invitee can confirm their presence with just one click.

How do I configure the RSVP option?

To configure the RSVP option go to Marketing > Registration > Registration form.

How to enable RSVP

Then press the Settings tab and enable the toggle buttons corresponding to the RSVP and RSVP form tools.

Enable RSVP and RSVP form

Invite requirement needs to be enabled in order for the RSVP form to work. Click here to learn more about the registration form settings. To find out how to add an invitee, click here.

The option must be marked so that the attendee confirms their presence when they access the application form.

Where will my invitees confirm their presence?

When an invitee accesses the registration form and enters their registered email or username, the confirmation will appear as shown below:

RSVP Question-Will you be present at the event

When an invitee confirms their attendance by selecting Yes, the registration form will be displayed for them to fill out and then enrolled into the event.

RSVP yes

However, if an invitee declines their presence by selecting No, the registration form will not be displayed, and they will be unable to enroll for the event. They will see the message: Thank you for your feedback.

If an invitee initially declines the RSVP, they can choose to accept it again using the same email or username.
You can edit the labels associated with the RSVP form using the Headings feature.
Where can I confirm who will be attending the event?

In the People > Invitees list, the RSVP status of invitees will be displayed under the RSVP column. Those who confirmed their presence and registered for the event will show as Yes, while those who declined will show as No. A None status will appear for those who have not yet confirmed their RSVP.

Invitations list

In the People > Attendees page, attendees who enrolled through the RSVP form will have their RSVP column status displayed as Yes.

Attendees who did not enroll through the RSVP form will have their status displayed as None by default, unless modified by an admin.
RSVP status of attendees

If you would like to edit one attendee RSVP information, select this attendee > press Edit > scroll down until you see RSVP > select Yes, No or None. Here is an example in the image below:

How to RSVP people

The RSVP column will not be displayed in the Invitees and Attendees pages if the RSVP tool has been disabled.

How do I generate a report with RSVP data?

You can export an Excel file with this information for better control by pressing the Edit button in the top right corner, then pressing the Report button at the top of the page.

Image showing how to generate report (Edit-Report)

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